CTF Achievement Spray Bug


i have the same problem pls fix this!


I also encountered this problem before the event. Please Blizzard I want this spray. Even if I do the achievement again, it doesn’t work.


same for me, blizz fix pls


Same for me. Got the achievement back when it was implemented on the 9th, but the spray is still locked and killing flag carriers won’t let me unlock it.


I got both the day they released these new achievements, back when they had no reward. Now there’s a spray there, and it’s locked.


Also me, but for both achievements


Yeah, my brother and I have this problem too. The achievements accidentally went live last patch and we unlocked them then (1/08/19) and just weren’t awarded anything. Now the sprays are here but they’re not unlocked for me, while the achievement still is.

I assumed they had mistakenly gone live early since I new the Lunar event was gonna come soon, but I would’ve thought they’d remove them from our accounts or retroactively award the sprays :confused:

At least we’re not the only ones with this issue. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon.


same :confused: got them a while ago but figured they wld be rewarded when the event came around. ig not


Same here, got both before the event started. No sprays. Did the criteria for both achievements today, still nothing.


me too! I got both of them on the 9th and they show in my achievements as marked, but in the actual hero gallery i can’t use them.


I am having the same issue. I love that Reaper spray too. Hope this gets fixed.


same issue… I got the achievement and still don’t have the sprays


News about this bug

Blizzard Customer Service has tweeted out that the devs are very aware of this bug and working to fix it ASAP.

New Patch Released Accidentally New Year Achievements?

Thank you WyomingMyst :slight_smile:


I have the same problem :frowning:


I am glad I’m not the only one cause I was mad salty my friends have that cool reaper spray and I’m stuck with that flag spray that it used to be. https://twitter.com/Tsonchi/status/1088581755546857472?s=19


Same here I have the achievement unlocked for interrupted delivery but the spray is still locked for me.


I completed both achievements on 1/12/19 and when I got them, the place holder was blank at the time. Now that the achievements are live on the servers, it shows I unlocked them, but in Hero gallery it is still Locked. Blizzard/Dev fix your game ASAP. It would be appreciated.


Same with me. If you unlocked the achievements before the event started, you have achievements completed, but the sprays are still locked.


Same, I achieved one of the newest achievements and did not receive the spray for it. I would very much like the spray please