CTF Achievement Spray Bug


When this event started, two new achievement sprays were added, but I completed one of the achievements on 1/09/19, so I was not given the spray. Somehow, I was able to unlock this achievement before the event even started, and now I cannot even receive the spray. On the “What’s New” tab and in my hero spray menus, the spray is locked, but on the special achievements tab, it is unlocked. Is there any way to actually get the spray now?

Achievement Spray Bug

I’m having this issue as well, Blizzard please give us our sprays.


Same for me. Played ctf before event started, got achievements, cant get sprays now.


I am also having the same issue. I already unlocked both CTF achievements before the event. When I unlocked them, there were no sprays associated with them. I just redid one of them and the spray still didn’t unlock. Help?


same here! I hope it gets patched soon, I want that reaper spray!


Same here, the two achievements were made available to the public, probably before they were meant to be and are now unobtainable to those who have completed the challenges.


Can also report this bug as well - I have the new CTF achievements from 1/8/2019, and it says the sprays are unlocked, but going into the gallery or the ‘what’s new’ section still has them locked.

Just tried to see if ‘re-earning’ them would work by killing a flag-carrier, nope, still locked.


Can confirm this too. I got the achievements as soon as they were released last patch and now the sprays are unlocked for me. I tried redoing one of the achievements again hoping it would trigger the spray unlock but it didn’t work.


Same here! I also tried redoing both achievements but it didnt work.


Seriously. They knew people were getting the achievements way before the event to start and they didn’t even bother applying a fix before the patch goes live?


Same here. I completed both achievements before but don’t get the spays. I also redoing them and nothing happend.
Blizz give us the payment for our work.


Same here. Blizzard please


Same here, also redone the criteria for these two achievements multiple times across comp ctf placements and ctf busan and still no sprays.


Same here, I don’t know what to do at this point. Hope Blizzard fixes this. :roll_eyes:


Same here. Thing is I got the achievements today but the sprays didn’t unlock.


Same here, blizzard pls.


Bumped for visibility. Same here


Got same issue:


Yup, both achievements unlocked for me when I started the game but I didn’t get my sprays. I even tried to redo the achievements to see if they’d unlock but they did not.


I am having the same issue sadly. I got the achievements about 2ish weeks ago and now the sprays are locked. FeelsBadMan.