Cross-progression is coming to Overwatch 2: Account merge FAQ

Do OW1 in game options carry over to OW2 ?
Like every hero sens , keybinds ect .
Or everything is gonna be set to default with OW2 launch ?

The highest XP level will be pushed through


You should be fine. Again just check your accounts you have linked to BattleNet at

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Like all duplicate cosmetics, there is no compensation for having two of the exact same item.

EDIT: To clarify, when I say duplicate, I mean if there are duplicate items between the two accounts being merged. Not duplicates that can appear from a opened Loot Box.


Correct. Details can be found in this r/Games AMA response from our system designer.

We do still plan to remove portrait levels for OW2, but we also want to celebrate this legacy accomplishment. The plan is to display your portrait level in your profile once we launch OW2.

Learn more:


You simply have that item, and no compensation or extra credits are issued from having the same item across multiple platforms before merging.

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I wonder if they are going to introduce “Border cosmetics”.

There will be a prompt in-game when you log in the next time to confirm you have the correct accounts you want to merge. Clicking confirm will lock the accounts you currently have linked in place.


Awesome didnt think there was just curious! Thank you so much for the quick reply

If my main account is on PC, and I have an account on both xbox and switch, will both console’s progress be merged onto my PC account while retaining all my PC account’s progress? Or can I only merge one console account with my PC account?

You get to keep all of it, PC, Xbox, and Switch and will all be access from the same BattleNet account once Overwatch 2 launches.

What players cannot do is merge multiple console accounts from the same console platform. So say if you have two PlayStation accounts, you must pick one of those two PlayStation accounts to link and merge with the BattleNet account of your choice.

Hey everyone. Thanks for all of the questions, and I hope I was able to clarify a lot as we all get closer to Overwatch 2. I have to step away for now as there are many more things I am working on, but I will continue to check in for your questions and feedback.


Cool. Cool. Please give us the ability to dodge said console players. An opt out feature. No offense to my console brethren but you and i do not play the same.

Hi, quick question! I have changed my PSN ID username but on blizznet it shows my old username ID. Is that okay or do I have to reconnect??? (which says I have to wait for a year which is not ideal)

Here is my issue - I do not have xbox gold so I cannot go in to the game and confirm my xbox account to my main PC account. However, I have linked my Xbox account to battlenet account a long time ago. So will the the accounts be merged or is there anything eles i need to do


I just tried this and it definitely didn’t work. Not sure if the og poster had a xim or what, the post was deleted, but just plugging my mouse and keyboard directly into the console, joining a pc group, queuing and entering a match in the pc pool, definitely did not let my mouse and keyboard work on xbox. :woman_shrugging:

The trick is he tested it on the Overwatch 2 beta.

Not Overwatch 1.

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Ah okay, my bad. :ok_hand:

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If our PS Plus or Xbox Live subs have lapsed do we have to repurchase them to log in and get the code?

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Is the team working on cross hero progression?

I’d like my Reinhardt to be able to equip my Mercy skins.

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So will my items from both accounts be merged into one or will I only keep the items from one account?