Cross-progression is coming to Overwatch 2: Account merge FAQ

You should be good to go then.


Craig you are going to be working overtime in this thread, good luck!

Great, thank you for your help!

I will put in as much time as I have available. That being said, I will need to pull away here soon.


my PSN and battle net are already connected and I do not have a ps4 anymore, can I do this merge on pc ?

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Yes, you should be prompted on PC as long as you already linked your PlayStation account. You can link online at


Alright thanks for clarifying I was just concerned for a bit

wait so if i start playing on switch after ow2 launches i wont be able to carry over my items on pc to it?

How will levels be handled when accounts are merged?

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I once played Overwatch on Nintendo Switch during a free trial weekend, but didn’t buy it. I guess the few skins and credits I got during that free trial can’t be merged to my pc account since I don’t own a ow license on switch, right?

Well, there was that deleted French interview with Aaron Keller and Geoff Goodman, which seemed to imply they would just add the levels together.

But the interview got taken down, so dunno if it can be viewed as “official” policy.

When I was merging accounts in overwatch it gave me account changed underneath my Xbox name, does this mean anything? and can i merge without worrying?


What about duplicate golden guns? I have Tracer’s golden guns on PC and Xbox. Will I get a refund for one so I can buy another or is that duplicate effort just wasted?


I believe that I heard the entire portrait/ level system is being removed in overwatch 2, am I wrong?

I’m not sure if I saw anything about it but what will come of duplicates upon merge?

They’ve mentioned the borders are going but they are having something to show your progression.

My console account has been linked for a while, As long as my accounts are linked in CONNECTIONS part of the account settings I’m good or are there more steps.

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The player level with the stars getting displayed on your career profile but not increasing

To clarify, if you are already on a platform and then sign into a new platform under the same BattleNet account, you will access the items from that BattleNet on the new platform.

What you won’t be able to do is link a totally separate BattleNet account to another BattleNet account even if each account is on a different platform.


Do OW1 in game options carry over to OW2 ?
Like every hero sens , keybinds ect .
Or everything is gonna be set to default with OW2 launch ?