Cross-progression is coming to Overwatch 2: Account merge FAQ

Okay, I have a question that no one seems to have asked. I have the Watchpoint Pack on Xbox, if I link my Xbox account to my account, will I get the Watchpoint Pack on PC?

When I try to change my PSN account from the Connections menu of my account it says: “Warning, there will be a 1 year cooldown before you can connect a new Playstation Network account.”.
How can I change my PSN account without having to wait that long?

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How do I switch accounts? I’m in the “confirm your account for merge” screen in-game and when I press “switch accounts” it takes me to a website that doesn’t help me. I want to merge my PS4 account with my Nintendo Switch.

Also, I have all my accounts connected on so do I even need to worry about this?

I have a question. I was playing OW on PS4 and now on Xbox Series. I don’t have PS4 anymore.
Both of my accounts (PSN and XBL) already linked to the battlenet account. Is this enough?
Or I need to find PS console to run the game and confirm account?

Yeah I’ve read… it’s really annoying and unfortunate too I grinded for Dooms golden gun on Xbox, PC, and Switch and now it’s just gonna be a waste of time and I don’t even like comp, I only play it for the golden guns…

Good morning, heroes! Going to take some time to answer some of your questions posted throughout the night since my last visit. A few quick things to follow up on:

  • We ask that you confirm your accounts in-game, just already having your accounts linked is not confirmation. This is important to make sure you can start playing Overwatch 2 with all of your collected items on all platforms right away when we launch.
  • The red “ACCOUNT CHANGED” message below your name in the account merge prompt is not an issue. As long as it appears with the name of your respective console account, you are good to go. If you are uncertain, just visit to reverify your current console accounts linked to your BattleNet account.
  • If for any reason you can no longer access your console version of Overwatch because you no longer have the console or have an expired online access subscription. You should still be able to link your console account to your desired BattleNet account at and then be able to log onto the PC version, or any console version you have access to, and confirm your account merge for all platforms in the “Account Merge” menu option.

I hope this means I can finally get Pink Mercy on PC.

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It does, all your items on all platforms merge into one giving you everything you own on one account :slight_smile:

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Can i merged like my Switch account to my PC? Since i can have all my data to my computer?


I saw the cross-progression, and I was wondering if I can merge my Overwatch 1 account from my PC to Overwatch 2 on PC, or it’s automatic? I just don’t know and not sure.

Because I really don’t want to lose all of my progress I did in Overwatch, which mean every single cosmetic I have and lose it in Overwatch 2 because I didn’t merge my PC account of that game for the sequel on PC.

I know it’s a dumb question, but I say that just in case.

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If you only have one account on one platform, you don’t need to worry about it. Your progress will transfer automatically. This is specifically for people who have accounts on two different platforms, PC and console.


Oh, ok, thanks, I was scared, scared to lose everything.

I have a new question now; if I were to click the button and confirm the account merge, if I were to keep playing on both accounts in the meantime and earning cosmetics on both, would the ones I’ve earned after doing the process also carry over?

I have close to 2,000 OWL tokens lying around on my Switch account from watching the streams, and I’ve decided I’m going to go crazy and buy ALL of Brig’s OWL team color skins. :money_mouth_face: I’d like to know whether I should wait until after I’ve already bought them to do the merging thing or not, thanks~ (In case anyone’s wondering, I had a bigger micro SD card lying around, and I finally got it set up in the Switch so I could re-download OW there)

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While it is unofficially supported on the Steam Deck, will there be any issue if I play OW2 with Lutris in the long run?

I would love to be able to play OW2 PvE on my Steam Deck. Would feel more safe if it was officially supported on Steam since it is going F2P.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t feel it is adequate for me to have dual boot for Windows 10 and Steam OS on a 256gb internal SSD, until the price for the 1TB~2TB NVMe 2230 becomes affordable and easily accessible to purchase.

My understanding is that either option will work. If you buy all of the skins, the skins will be there in the merged account. If you don’t buy the skins, the OWL tokens will be in your merged account (as long as the tokens were earned through viewership. Purchased OWL tokens on Switch will stay on that console).

The only key step that must be made to ensure the tokens and/or skins will be in the merged account, is to confirm the account merge. If you don’t confirm, the linked accounts will not merge their data.

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I really need an answer to this. Please.

Thanks. I actually had a question about the accounts changed and stumbled on to this!

Will overwatch 2 have a new set of achievements on console or will it just modify the existing overwatch 1 achievements

So my wife uses my account on the ps4 and I use the exact same account on pc. If I merge it, will we both be able to play together still from that account or will she need to make a new one?

It’ll be the same as it is now except you’ll both have access to all the cosmetics shared between the accounts.