Cross-progression is coming to Overwatch 2: Account merge FAQ

Cross-progression is coming to Overwatch 2: Account merge FAQ

Your data on your and console accounts will be merged for Overwatch 2!

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At last, I can be free from my console shackles.


Hey is Overwatch 1 going F2P on September 1st?

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No. If you want to play between now and the launch of Overwatch 2, you need a valid license of Overwatch like getting the Watchpoint Pack.


Finally SOME good news


Darn, was figuring out would make sense to stress test F2P account creation and phone verification tech before October 4th. And generate some hype previous to launch.

Although lemme read through this blog post is that’s kinda basically what it’s doing.

So I guess that’s a question.

Is phone verification for merged accounts something that isn’t going to be tested at scale, until October 4th?

Since I could see some major hiccups going on with that. That could be pretty embarrassing.

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Nice to see that it’s happening already right now rather than on the launch itself. Glad to see them follow through on their promise when they announced cross-play.


We will have more details on that in an upcoming blog.


Why? It’s no different to now on other games. No need to test it.

Good to hear there’s a plan for that. I think.

Would kinda suck if large chunks of the playerbase just couldn’t log in on October 4th, due to authentication issues.

Craig, any chance to add Archives as a perma mode after September 1st until OW2 launch?

This is good.

I think…

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Underneath my Playstation account, it says “Account Changed”. My Battlenet and Playstation accounts have been linked longer than Cross-Play has been a thing. It shows the correct Battlenet account. Do I need to do anything to ensure it links correctly besides confirming it? Sorry if I’m being paranoid or dumb here, but I don’t really want to mess this up.


Hmm… is this in the PlayStation console interface? If so, reach out to PlayStation support for help.

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I have to ask a stupid question. Will our Competitive points also merge? Example: My PSN will be the master account, but I’ve accrued comp points on my switch account.


This is a type of credit, so your total number of Competitive Points will be summed across all merged accounts.


Sweet! Thanks Craig!

Apologies for my English but i have a question.

I have a ps4 acc with a lot of rare skins ,but i left it behind in order to join the pc ,am i going to be able to link that account to the pc acc and use those skins correct?


me with my one account…