Cross play needs too be removed

So im a main pc player been playing none stop since launch

Decided too check the aim assist on console so I installed on my xbox one


Consoles have a redicules advantage over pc players and if you have a XIM Christ! its even worse like big time

as a pc player I dont want console players in my lobbys its not like there a population problem Just remove cross play, Pc players have enough problems with actual cheaters without you giving consoles basically an aim bot and putting them in pc lobbies.


Never happening so get used to it.

Says who? exactly? …

There’s no aim assist in ranked, so it’s fine.


Cross play doesnt need to be removed.

They just need to give pc players the option to opt out of cross play.

The fact they force it on pc players and then give console players aim assist is BS.

Especially considering its disabled in ranked for console players, which im sure its just a matter of time before that changes, when people become reliant on it, then get destroyed in ranked without it…

Mechanical skill, isnt something innate, its something you develop. By giving it to them i. Qp and arcade, it just hinders if not prevents the development of said skll

Blizzard is just setting console players up to fail in a way


cross play isnt for comp lol. go make up more non-existent issues. OW’s AA is garbage anyway and doesn’t even focus the right person half the time


Doesnt change the fact that pc players are forced to put up with it, because we have no option to disable crossplay…

Ngl its incredibly obvious when playing against a console 76/bastion using it

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It’s QP. Does not matter.

So by your logic pc players should be allowed to use aim assist software too


It’s funny how we went from wanting this so badly in almost every video game to now hating it and wanting it removed from all the games we demanded to put it into.

Ironic really but I doubt Blizz will do this due to the fact that it helps inflate numbers and makes it seem the game has a more active community but hey you never know only time will tell?

This. Console players can opt out already. PC players should have the same option.

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PC players will get the option to opt out because nobody wants mixed lobbies. It’s a mistake.

Players should be matched according to their input device. Anything else ruins the game’s integrity.

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It’s QP. If you want ‘integrity’ play comp (of skill tier differences of like 2000 within the same lobby, lol)

And it’s way easier to play both of those heroes on PC… not sure what your point is lol. Apparently ximmers who know what they are doing disable aim assist when abusing keyboard and mouse input vs console players.

Yep. It would literally solve the entire problem.

In my experience, with several games that have optional cross play you get the same experience as a pc player

Cross play enabled = shorter queue times, dramatically worse match quality.

Disabled = longer queue times, better match quality.

Id gladly double my queue times, for better match quality

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No, all i want is the option to disable cross play as a pc player.

Console players have the option to disable crossplay why cant pc players?

Aim assist is just further justification for wanting it…

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So? That doesn’t mean anything. I still have the right to choose who I play with like console players do.

They can disable it, so should we. I don’t care about the “itS qUiCk pLAy” meme.

You guys fail to see all we’re asking for is equality. We don’t want it removed, we just wanna opt out.


Amen, its not about hate or discrimination its about equality…

I mean we could go off the deep end and demand aim assist too lol

Yesterday I had a widow snapping only headshots. At first I was wondering if it is a bot or something. Checking profile - console player. I was like “what?”

Probably using a xim ontop of aim assist…

The people who manufacture xims are probably making bank right now…

Yes use of these devices violates the ToS…
But its literally impossible to enforce.

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I played a ton of hours on console before switching to PC, I know how to make aim assist a powerful tool for hitscans by reducing the Window Size. That Widow was probably using XIM on top of that.

If you know what you’re doing you can make the reticle lock onto your target with minimal effort. The right aim assist settings paired with a XIM device… That’s just cancer. One of the reasons I moved to PC.

Aim assist SUCKS on any projectile hero though. Straight up garbage. But on hitscans? Easy to abuse.

In my case I don’t care about aim assist that much, I just wanna play with people from my own platform like I always have. Mixed lobbies are a mess.

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