Cross-Play is Now Live!

How does this apply to solo queueing PC players? will I be randomly getting console players in my game/on my team with no way to opt out?


PC matches (comp or not) are already often low quality, even at higher ranks/MMR.
We don’t need console players to be grouped into what would normally be a masters/gm QP match based on their console MMR. Most “4k+” console players that transitioned from console to pc often end up in plat-diamond from what I’ve seen, and that’s with KB&M, not with controller and aim assist off.

Playing competitive should not be the only guarantee for PC players to get only PC players on their team, if this is how the system works, I much rather crossplay to be only for consoles if PC cannot opt out (or maybe add a “crossplay” arcade mode or something), as most of my friends and I usually stick to QP and this will only make the experience more frustrating unless we 6 stack more frequently or decide to smurf in comp, because you can only duo at GM.


Potentially, but only if a premade group of players in your match contains console players. Solo-queued console players cannot end up in PC matches; they have to be playing with a PC friend.

Sadly it is. “The biggest system they’ve ever made” is poorly executed crossplay.

And I hoped there’s gonna be some RQ overhaul :rofl:


Would a console solo q be able to match against pc players?

Honestly I know they won’t do competitive crossplay, but I am pretty sure tank gameplay is the same regardless of pc or console. A tank player on console always has a easier transition to pc .

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No. You have to be grouped with a PC player.

Because I don’t think different states of values are possible, Console players will have to adapt to the new values and timings.

Ok good I was worried for a sec :rofl:

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Let console players use Mouse and Keyboard, cmon.
And let we play crossplay on competitive modes too.


I mean yeah, that seems like the obvious solution. But I’d love to hear if they figured out some workaround.

That’s what I think will happen, but how the console game will be changed to accept that? That implies that ruleset was defined by the game room session and not particular patch so will be downloaded each match? If so switch players would have even worst loading times to load something that isn’t configured by default. Sometimes took almost 30 seconds to swap wisps to actual heroes during the match. That could easily increase a bit. That’s a concern to be tested and highlighted while the feature it’s in beta, don’t you think?

Thank you for crossplay, Blizzard!


If you’re queuing with a PC friend, you’re going to end up in a PC match. The game client will know that ahead of time, so it should have already loaded any necessary information before you get there.

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this is concerning. I see this as a terrible thing.

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Disabling crossplay doesn’t equalize the playing field, it drags console players on anything but tank through the dirt! Please reconsider because I don’t want to hate the update I’ve wanted for years

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How about making it only for console? It will be absurd to make us console players have to put up with kb/m more than we already do with them idiots using workarounds. Even if you let console use kb/m it would still be BS for those of us who hate that infernal control method.

Please DO NOT put PC and console together. I haven’t begged for anything on this game, but for this I will grovel super hard.


As a console player, you will never encounter a PC player, unless you specifically group together with your friend who plays on PC. In that case, you will be playing in a PC match, but it’s very much your own choice to do so.

Cross-play matchmaking for consoles is only with the other consoles.


Oh boy. Pc players will absolutely obliterate console players. Unless you have a solution that we aren’t aware of?


And this is for every mode? I only play Arcade, and it seems a lot of people think “it doesn’t matter” unless it’s comp.

I absolutely do not want to be matched with PC players. If I wanted to play using that infernal control method and in an enviroment where that is the standard/expectation, I would play on PC.