"Critical issue"...yea right

This “Critical issue” happens like 30 minutes before patch day…

We are like 3 weeks away from season 2

Ow1 was heavily mismanaged, dont let ow2 suffer the same fate


They’re probably looking to roll promised changes and other things out at the start of S2, much as I hate the thought of that scenario. That was their original intention after all - no changes until the new season.

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As a student, I guarantee you the only “critical issue” in their case is like they were getting ready to release the changes until they noticed that they had none.
Like a student forgetting their homework and only noticing it 30 minutes before it gets controlled.

That’s a critical issue, Blizzard.


Blizzard said something about a “Critical Issue”…? Where?

It’s the pinned thread regarding the delayed patch, very first sentence.

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Probably another place where Reaper can teleport to a unintended location.


This whole game has been a critical issue


It’s irritating how we have no information on what issue they might be experiencing, or any kind of time line of when it might be resolved.


don’t worry, they promised back in April to improve their communications


My dad promised he’d come back after picking up some cigarettes, too. It’s been 15 years, but I’m sure he just got lost.


dont remind me
im still level 22!

Do we have any proof that Elon Musk is not apart of Blizz management too :joy::joy::joy:

You really think there is no critical issue, and Blizzard just chose to humiliate themselves for fun?

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Oh how I long for this to be in a patchnote.

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well when a critical issue appears less than on hour away from patch time, and this issue somehow doesnt impact the shop, it raises some eyebrows


Do you think with your eyes? They officially announced the delay 30 minutes before the patch time. Obviously they knew about it and were working on it before then.


Weekly shop updates clearly don’t require a patch, that’s all automated. I imagine all the S1 skins have been in the game since day one.

Same team, different game, which will bring the same results.

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The only critical issue is the shop prices and battle pass existing. Unless they plan to revert these things… oh no, that won’t do.


Sure, but removing multiple characters and maps already kind of breaks that philosophy, they should be trying to return to normalcy. I know you don’t like it either, just meant that ship has kind of sailed.