"Critical issue"...yea right

dont remind me
im still level 22!

Do we have any proof that Elon Musk is not apart of Blizz management too :joy::joy::joy:

You really think there is no critical issue, and Blizzard just chose to humiliate themselves for fun?

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Oh how I long for this to be in a patchnote.

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well when a critical issue appears less than on hour away from patch time, and this issue somehow doesnt impact the shop, it raises some eyebrows


Do you think with your eyes? They officially announced the delay 30 minutes before the patch time. Obviously they knew about it and were working on it before then.


Weekly shop updates clearly don’t require a patch, that’s all automated. I imagine all the S1 skins have been in the game since day one.

Same team, different game, which will bring the same results.

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The only critical issue is the shop prices and battle pass existing. Unless they plan to revert these things… oh no, that won’t do.


Sure, but removing multiple characters and maps already kind of breaks that philosophy, they should be trying to return to normalcy. I know you don’t like it either, just meant that ship has kind of sailed.

Its critical they get more $20 skins in there.


Critical issue is a female employee was hired and they are all trying to get her number or breast milk was left in one of the fridges again.

Love how they released a skin as well for a character that is unable to be played.


That we can’t discuss, identify or go into further detail on. Meanwhile, please feel free to browse the shop and spend, spend, spend! Funny how these ‘critical issues’ never seem to affect monetization.


They’ve probably already lost a huge portion of their playerbase with this first month and a half.

I hope their ‘Critical Apology’ is including Rammatra on release day 1 for everyone, for free.

If he makes it out on release day.


Does it have to do with their so-called MM being a bunch of spit and scotch-tape?

Its either some accident, or regression tests giving bad results i guessing.
Imagine if fixing thing with mei wall broke something like starting to push people around the map or being lifted by it broke your client type of thing.
Just my assumption tho. Still programming is not that easy to find and deal with bugs, sometimes even obvious stuff get by experienced people.

This made me laugh out loud. Thank you lol

No if it was reaper they would just remove him from the game like mei, bastion, and torb. It has to be an issue with Kiriko or Genji. Those are their cash cows right now so they won’t remove them for anything.

Guys… Try to be more understanding. They delayed it for a good reason, they’re trying to work out how to monetize a patch.

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