Creativity is the essence of discovery: Overwatch 2 Beta Statistical Analysis

Yeah that’s what my gut jumped to but here’s the rub: 7 out of 9 tanks have below 50% WR on PC.

I suspect it’s not that simple.

I suspect Blizzard knows there’s a problem with Orisa, but they don’t exactly know what to do about it yet. The stats in beta 1 also showed she was junk, but they shuffled some deck chairs for beta 2 and it didn’t do much for her.

I’d bet on some more radical Orisa and Symmetra changes for beta 3, since it’s looking pretty clear that number tweaks aren’t doing anything for these two.

Why doesn’t that make sense to you? Sigma and JQ are standing out as too strong, and the stats bear that out in mitigation, teammate deaths prevented, and unmirrored win rate. Of course playing any of the other tanks is a higher chance of losing, and if the other team does have a Sigma or JQ, you’re going to end up below 50% chance of winning.


I think being +/- 2% of 50 would be ideal for all heroes. And many tanks fit in there. Also since it’s unmirrored and junker Queen had tons of playtime and a very high win rate, it could also point to her being overpowered. And all the other tanks were often playing into a Queen, where they would have a higher chance of losing.

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I think this might just mean their teams have more fights to die in. They are extremely fast paced and play with characters that can afford to die and come back almost just as fast.

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He’s hyper mobile despite his size. So he SHOULD be taking a bunch of damage (outside of the shield tanks he takes almost the most) and he SHOULDN’T be dying as often. Those both track.

And the teammate deaths number doesn’t surprise either. He has no mitigation at all, and tends to play spread from his team. He’s a risk/reward hero. You’re playing him for the dive and quick kills, you leave yourself vulnerable to rush or counter-dive plays.

If anything, those numbers combined with his WR suggest he’s doing exactly what he’s good at, exactly the way he’s meant to, and probably getting more value at higher ELO’s exactly the way you’d expect.


You misunderstand. I don’t think Ball is taking enough damage.

He’s just easy to ignore.

But, again, he’s not built to absorb a whole lot more damage than he already is.

And he’s only ignorable when he’s not getting coordination from his team. Which is exactly what you’d expect from his design. If he can stomp on his own he approaches broken with his survivability.

The whole point of him is to set up kills. To put red team in spots where they don’t want to be or can’t escape the damage coming their way.

Again, I’m looking at these numbers and I’m seeing a tank doing exactly what he’s meant to be doing, in exactly the way he’s meant to be doing it. I’m not sure what you’re expecting him to be doing where these numbers don’t reflect his role, style and general higher impact at high ELO over low.

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And I’m seeing a tank that does the setup and then loses because the team is dead. Tanks should be ignorable to a certain extent. Ball is crossing the line.

I’m thinking the memes would be more about Lady Dimitrescu.


Agree to disagree.

Without a better breakdown of his stats specifically, and between ELO’s (which they may not have because the Beta had no comp) I don’t think that’s a conclusion you can rightly reach. It MAY be the case, I will concede that. But I suspect the teammate deaths stat would look dramatically different between Gold and GM, and then I’m honestly not seeing a problem.

Still, an interesting discussion to have. How do you think they should change him to better bolster his ability to keep his team alive? More raw killing power himself risks making him potentially broken at higher ELO as he’ll need way less help to do his job.

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I saw quite a few mercy players. her strength doesn’t seem to hinder her popularity

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i am once again thrilled with these stats blog posts

thank you!


Playing Mercy in beta2 was horrible, totally dead, rubbish, in OW2 she is absolute rubbish.

doesn’t mean the hero isn’t still played a lot

This is nothing new, showing a report now doesnt mean they dont think about anything else now

they always looked at data and they still look at other things too. you act like showing this report now means its all they go by

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Absolute masochism to play it in the beta we had of OW2.

there must have been a lot of masochists in the beta

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I’m going off players feedback as well. The stats only show to me what Ball players suspected, Ball is basically unkillable, but doesn’t quite get the attention a tank should get to make space either. Do well, team dies. Do nothing, team dies.

I think Blizz picked up on that same trend because they buffed his CC back up.

Right now I’m thinking revert both Grappling Claw nerfs, the one with a time limit and the one that starts with 4s from spawn - the latter is specially less needed after the removal of 2CP and 5v5.

range buff. give his poke a little more reason to pay attention to and play around between his hard engages.
anythign else like dmg number buffs to anything would probably be too much

I mean, this is true, but the stats don’t incorporate how ball is being played per se. A lot of ball players just spend the entire game rolling around the map and not dying, but they also contribute nothing to the game since they’re too busy trying to play Trackmania instead of Overwatch.

Statistically, it looks like ball isn’t taking a lot of damage or dying a whole lot, but since the ball players aren’t interacting with the enemy team in any way…

Also, consider that ball players that are playing him properly are absolutely the most smothering thing to deal with in the universe. They’re so hard to punish with the ultramobility and they’re constantly piledriving or bumping you for free damage.