Creativity is the essence of discovery: Overwatch 2 Beta Statistical Analysis

I feel like Devs have completely given up on the human factor.

Thanks for showing us a peak into how you use data to monitor balance. It is very insightful.



This is fantastic.

I am curious to know more. I wonder what does it means to have <50% unmirrored win rate? Does it mean a hero loses more than wins?


Orisa having the worst tank win rate is absolutely in line with what everyone (that isn’t on the Blizzard forums) thought. She’s a pubstomper tank that sucks when you don’t bot into her.

Yes, her kit is fun, but no, she’s not good, especially with the loss of her ranged damage thanks to the falloff changes.

Also, look at Sigma still being busted. The entire game had to change because of Sigma and he’s still an S tier pick…


He’s the giant rat who makes all of da rules


Showing an analytics report doesn’t mean that. They have always done this they just didnt share it

They just revered Moria because it was boring


Human factor is about ensuring a good ‘fit’ between people, the equipment they use, the task they carry out and the environment in which they work.

The analytics report only covers a small faction of that.

It’s basically a miss in understanding the needed balances.

She basically lives in the middle of nowhere as a Tank. Thats a spot that will grant you no success, but not a really really bad failure in all areas.

When the game is released they will get the memo and start tweaking numbers for sure. Losing Halt AND the Barrier is too much for her. Now all she has is pure damage and a skill to just not die and feed horribly every push.


Also, it would seem Ball is just not lethal enough to be impactful.

I find it weird that 3 characters have the EXACT same w/l rates on pc and console within a tenth of a %.

I do wish they had shown Orisa on the graph to illustrate how many teammate deaths she avoided. Winrate aside, it’d be nice to see what the devs see regarding her team defenses.

Love seeing all these stats, though! The “teammate death” stat is especially cool to see. I wouldn’t even mind that stat being tracked on my hero profile.


personally, ball is usually pretty easy to ignore. if there isnt a dps that follows up on balls engage, then ya i can just ignore. wiggle around a bit to make myself harder to hit while i kill his team. and i say that as a zen player, who should be a great target for ball. add me getting some healing and ball himself is just a non factor. only piledrive needs some attention IF other ppl follow up on it, otherwise i aint gotta worry about that either


Don’t forget that she can’t deal any meaningful damage past like, 10 meters anymore. Hog and Zarya can out DPS her even though Orisa has far fewer tools to be threatening outside her damage.

I don’t think they showed it because it would be worse than ball. She has the lowest unmirrored win-rate in her role, limited team-wide mitigation abilities, and not a whole lot of direct threat from her primary–I don’t imagine that she prevents more teammate deaths than Sigma or JQ.


My thoughts exactly.


That isn’t what the stats are suggesting at all.

If anything, it confirms what we’ve always really known. Ball is a set-up tank. He’s there to enable his DPS to get kills by putting enemy players in situations they can’t escape from. And that he’s high risk, high reward.

Which makes his win rates not terribly surprising. At high levels he’ll be a lot more effective due to better coordination. At lower levels he’ll more or less suck because feeding.

Honestly, I think Ball is in a pretty good spot. I wouldn’t complain with some small changes (Minefield could probably use some help, for one thing). But he’s not far from being right where he should be.


His WR seem fine I’m talking about damage taken, deaths and death rate of other heroes while tank is played.

tl;dr of the article -

We acknowledge that there might be a problem with some heroes based off of data we gathered, however we are making absolutely zero promises that we’ll fix any of these problems other than with Moira.
What’s that? Symmetra had basically the exact same winrate % falloff as Moira? Hah, no she’s busted, just trust us. And don’t even think about bringing up Orisa, or pointing out how torb, pharah, rat, genji, and mei all have comparible WRs to symm. Your data is wrong, even if it’s provided directly from us.


That sounds like it’s exactly what it means. When the hero is only on 1 team, that’s their winrate.

I read the title with merman Zoolander’s voice.

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