Creating the #1 Pachimari Fan: Behind the scenes of Pachimari Roadhog

Creating the #1 Pachimari Fan: Behind the scenes of Pachimari Roadhog

The inventor of the Pachimari and one of the concept artists behind Roadhog’s new PachiMarchi skin discusses designing skins and the legacy of his squeaky creation.

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This skin is adorable and underrated


It is one of the best hog skins imo


I agree - “this skin is adorable and underrated.”


He does look cute…before he’s going to saw off your skin and use it as a mask


It makes him look like a psychopath personally but to each their own.

He’s got a little smile! He’s so happy with his plushies


Giving junkrat something for this event was such a nice touch and surprised too. I was thinking junkrat would be the kind to mock roadhog for pachimari and such but nope. He seems to also be into it and very supportive of his friend’s love for the little fella and i am all for it.

I’m really glad they got some subtle but still important developpement in their characters going from a purely beneficial relationship to them becomming genuine friends through newer voicelines, sprays, emotes and even little details on skins (like Roadhog’s rudolph skin having a “from junkrat to roadhog” sticker on it).

I’m really curious to see what they do with them in overwatch 2. (And if they dont have any ideas im open to drop some cause i got plenty :D)

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This skin reminds me of myself when I was a hardcore Brony, literally just clad head-to-toe in mlp themed stuff, no matter how unorthodox or gaudy.


this skin is lame… who are u trying to appeal to? 12 year olds and under?

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shouldve made the hook a tentacle bruh missed opportunity

A lot of cringe comments.

It is a good skin but is it really such a big of a deal? 90% of it is just a recolor.

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I wish his breath holes where lower, just like the example drawing. Its a little hard to see the smile since its being somewhat blocked. I personally still like his butcher skin more.

I know there’s no real chance that anyone at Blizzard is going to read this, but here goes anyway:

The title screen animation for this event, where Hog squeezes the Pachimari and chuckles to himself, is top class. It seems like a shame to lose this after the event ends. Could we please get it as an emote and/or a victory pose at some point in the future?

Thank you!

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