Crashing mid game randomly

having this issue at random times. here is the error code i was provided. 39C16067-40A1-976F-0CCFC2090802

I get the same thing

Same here. Started happening like 2 days ago, it is random and I do not see any pattern.

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I played a few casual games and the game started crashing. It crashed three times, twice on “Mystery Heroes” and once on “Unranked Match”. I’m just a casual player and I’m quite upset that I can’t even enjoy a game with out it crashing. If I wanted that, I would play a Bethesda game.

Is anyone else here using an amd gpu by any chance?

Howdy Shadow,

I didn’t see any obvious cause in the crash logs. Can we try disabling startup programs and test Overwatch with no other programs running?

I will try this. i do record my gameplay via OBS . hopefully that’s not the issue

I also get crashes on my 7800 xt. Also it’s very laggy the first 5 minutes or so

I had this problem with my 6950 xt, it started when I switched the graphics profile (in the AMD Software) to ‘Performance’. Since switching it back to ‘Custom’ and only enabling ‘Radeon Anti-Lag’, it has been fine.

I haven’t tried it with any of the other settings enabled.

It does seem like the graphics profiles are causing issues but I will have to play for a bit to really tell

Having this problem consistently, incredibly aggravating as OW is the only game I care to play.

I load into a game, maybe 5 minutes in the computer freezes, I lose control, audio, and whatever frame was being shown at the time remains stuck. Please help Blizzard!

I have done all the generic bs these forums say to do. Updated graphics software, updated windows, lowered the settings, scanned and repaired, reinstalled, checked gpu temps in game, no overclocking at all, nothing running in background, and nothing is doing the trick. Would really appreciate assistance. This was not the case last month.

RTX 3080
32 gb ddr5

happening on my new pc too, it force crashes and brings up an error report… I have an AMD GPU, i suspect its driver problems on both sides? Or blizzard side? though its a blizzard error report not a AMD error report

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