Crashing-Loosing Code


ok so I love this feature and was working on creating a modified Gengi. However when I went to go modify part of the code. It crashed. I lost about 2 hours worth of work. As far as I can tell there isn’t any auto save or recovery option. This kinda frustrates me, since its the only thing that I hate about workshop. if this can be worked on I would really appreciate it.

(Keith Miron) #2

Apologies for the lost work, I know how frustrating it can be to have to implement everything a second time. We’re working on stabilizing the workshop so this kind of thing doesn’t happen in the future.

An autosave/recovery option is a really good idea, we had discussed something similar ourselves, as sometimes we also forget to save the scripts as a preset. Until then, I recommend saving early and saving often!

Can we have a warning?

As long as you guys know of the problem its fine, this is a new feature it has problems. I wish you luck on figuring it out. Thx


I’ve been lucky in the way that every time I crashed, I was with a friend who kept the lobby running (if that makes sense).
A faster way to save at least, would be nice. Right now, we only have a “Save as” equivalent, wich is the longest way to save I can imagine…


The “Save” button has always been a royal pain. It defaults to saving a copy of your game mode, instead of just saving your game mode like any normal program.

If only it would set defaults correctly, it might even be usable in its current state.

But still, we need at least a one-click “Save” button or autosave or something


This should be every game dev/programmers/creatives/writers motto.


Save often, but if you have the resources, run an extra copy of OW on a nearby computer as a second player in your lobby. If you crash, the second player becomes host and your work is not lost. Also helps for testing.


All normal IDEs work directly on files and save entire progress instantly. I have yet to find one that holds source code in memory and crashes alongside built program.


I’ve done this to. #ProTips


ive even lost a lot of presets that ive actually saved… this isnt right


What about a preset named “AUTO SAVE”. Would be the most simple solution. It automaticly overwrite itself after every xx seconds or every changes that have been made.
Switching to another “project” also always overwrite this preset.

Otherwise: Save as often as you can. I try to safe after every changes I made.