Crashed During Hero Selection

I got into a overwatch competitve game, and the game had LITERALLY just started, (hero selection screen) and it crashed, which made me lose 50 sr… any way i can get that back? lol its hella hard for me to climb from 2900-3000 especially with dps queues being 10-15 min long

Unfortunately it is not possible to restore any lost SR or reverse suspensions from Competitive Play. Penalties still apply for all crashes and disconnections. This is to ensure that players who are having these issues to stop playing Competitive Play and take time to correct the issue at hand. It also prevents players from trying to work around Competitive Penalties by deliberately forcing those crashes to leave games. You can learn more about this policy here:

Here on the technical support forum, we are able to help give you detailed advice on how to resolve any potential crashes or disconnections from Overwatch. Right now you don’t have a lot of detail for us to work off of. If you can be more descriptive with your crash including what error messages or system behaviors you saw, that will help a lot. Otherwise check out these troubleshooting guides first:

Ok great thank you, im not too angry at the 50 sr, but its hard to get it back especially when people just dont try at all. I just had a moira that complained dps wasnt doing anything, so he decided to stand still for our whole attacking round and do nothing but scream in his mic. I used to love this game when everyone would take comp seriously but now it just gets me angry

The one thing I will mention, is that the SR loss puts your SR and hidden MMR out of alignment. So if you can keep playing (after you fix any possible issues) the SR should recover naturally within a few games (win or lose)