Crash when launched

Hi so I was about to buy Overwatch and I had it installed for the free weekend and opened it up and it went to the menu but there was now animation for the all-star skins. Then after a bit it said “lost connection to game server”. I tried everything and then I uninstalled and reinstalled and it seemed to work. But then I closed it and then went back after a few minutes and the same thing happened as before. But I noticed that both times that the crashing started/started again I had just turned on reduced buffering in my settings. Could the reduced buffering be the problem? I will uninstall, reinstall and not turn on reduced buffering to see if anything happens but just to let you know that i wont buy the game till this is fixed so in that case if the reinstalling dosen’t work i would appreciate that you could give more trouble shooting. Thanks, Love your game

This is generally related to your actual connection to Blizzard’s servers. There’s no need to keep uninstalling/reinstalling. Try these steps: