Crash, Come Back, Win Game, 8 Hour ban + lose 50 sr?

I was playing hanzo on rialto well fighting a bastion and then randomly I crash so naturally I starting trying to turn the game on asap and get back so we can win bc we were close and when i get back we start to roll threw the other team and win the game, after the game was done I went to go play again only to relize i have been banned for 8 hours??? and i’ve lost 50 sr i have been working to get all night Honestly I think thats really unfair and screws over ppl all the time bc my friends get this kinda stuff to and its bull

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Sorry to hear that. I hope you can get back your 50 SR swiftly!

If it’s 8 hours you’ve left games multiple times recently. Was that fair to the other 5 players each time?


When you leave for the first time, you’re ban for 10 minutes, the second time, it’s 30 minutes.
If you’re ban for 8h, you left many games


Rejoining a game without penalty is only possible during certain phases of the game and within a timely manner. If you leave a game either during the pre-game or during the first minute of the game, the game will automatically cancel (remember the 10 second rule does not apply to the leaver, but as a warning to other players that the match will cancel). You can rejoin the match during the initial hero selection screen if you are lucky enough to quickly reconnect though.

Otherwise, you can only rejoin any-time after one-minute of match time has passed up until the match completes. However you only have two minutes to do so without penalty. If you rejoin a match after two-minutes, you will still automatically be marked with a loss an be penalized with a -50 SR cut and a minimum ten-minute suspension. This rule ensures that no one can abusive the leaver system by attempting to return to a match after deliberately leaving in order to avoid such penalties. Furthermore leaving three or more times in a single match will result in an automatic penalty. If you fail to return to a match by the time it ends normally (regardless of match result) you will be penalized.

I strongly caution you to avoid Competitive Play until you can definitely resolve your crashes, the 8-hour ban mark is only about two more leaver violations away from accumulating a season ban from Competitive Play. If you are season banned, you forfeit all end-of-season rewards including bonus Competitive Points, furthermore a season ban is one irreversible step closer to a permanent ban, which occurs when you incur three season bans (regardless of when or how they happen).

Crashes are frustrating but it is important to test in a non-competitive mode as you troubleshoot to resolve it. Since you provided no precise details to the crash, I will simply refer you to these common steps that helps resolve the most common of crashes:

Regardless it is important to remember that all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

Hopefully this information clarifies things and I hope you are able to resolve any crashes that is plaguing your system. If you need additional help, please post in the technical support forum with precise details of your crash symptoms where players like myself or Blizzard Support Agents will be able to lend a hand.


Best invest in a SSD. Not sure if a regular HDD can restart overwatch, get into the game, and go through the loading within 2 min

Dont want to sound disrespectful but has this ever helped anybody?

It looks like the typical copy-paste what every game company publishes on how to handle crashes, from updating drives to defrages its near identical.

I always wondered why the penalty-system is that strict and punishing with rejoiners. I also had a crash once, and of course I was already aware that it will probably a lose for me. I rejoined anyways, because I didn´t want to let the other people down. It was a KOTH-map, and after a first win and in the second round my PC crashed due to a nvidia-update popup X( . Of course they lost, but I managed to get back right in time for round 3.

After a long round (a lot of overtime and 99% changes) we won. Or at least my team. I lost because I missed like 3 minutes including a round-break of an at least 15 minute match (I did not stop the time).

Why is there no system which could recognize which FRACTION of the match-time you missed? That would be much more fair. Why are there even this hard penalties for rejoiners? I mean, why do you still demotivate this people? If they could come back within a short time without penalty, it means you can distinguish them! I mean if there are people with hard connection/stability issues who should stay out of competitive you simply could give “mandatory” penalties for people with 2 DCs!
Don´t demotivate people to come back! Deliberate leavers would not come back anyways!

Yes that guide has helped users, and yes what I mostly wrote is my copypasta (though I wrote those words originally). However as you just quoted, the original poster has not provided me with any useful details about the crash to make an immediate deduction to their specific problem, so we must fall back on the basic first.


that’s how mafia… overwatch works.

Overwatch matches are dynamic and a single team-fight can at any time dictate the remaining flow the game. Because of this I don’t see a system where the system makes a “judgement” call based on the situation of the match.

That is correct but all leavers are suspended for some amount of time from Competitive Play, if a dishonest player knows they can try to sneak back in and avoid that suspension, they will do so. It would result in really bad match quality like what we had back in season 1 before they really cracked down on the leaver rules.

The important thing that Blizzard wants players with technical malfunctions to do is stop trying to queue for any more matches of Competitive Play until the malfunction is resolved. That is why the penalty system works the way it does for all players regardless if they intended to leave or not.

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I could understand a lot of your claims, with the exception of this one:

why would they “sneak back” if they have left in the first place? They are fed up with the match and could not see in any way how long the match is still going on. I don´t understand how that should work.

To avoid the suspension. Lets say we have a serial leaver dumping games, sure they might wait out the 10-minute suspension, the 30-minute one, but then after getting hit with the two-hour they’re like, screw this. So in order to circumvent from getting larger suspensions, they will try to rejoin a match they left (not really caring how the match turns out) to see how close it is to ending and if it is ending, wait out in spawn.

So yeah if you take more than 2 minutes to return to a match, OR leave and return three times or more, you are hit with a penalty and match loss regardless of the outcome of the match.

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That doesn´t really make sense. They will get hit with it after it is too late, because it will only occur AFTER the match. If they “reconsider” it withouth smacking it in their face with the penalty, they could rejoin in 2 minutes anyways because they normally don´t have “real” technical issues. (i. e. they would be more able to do so than people with a real exceptional error)

Doesn´t really convince me

Try to think carefully, yes they could return within two minutes, but there could be up to six more minutes for the match to drag out depending on the match. So they leave again. Its the combination of rules to ensure players who are leaving games can’t bypass the leaver penalty.

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Wow, that are quite severe politics for people with really dumb motivations. Maybe it is me as a person who may really underestimate people with such an almost criminal energy, but… are there really THAT much people who would exploit this system in THAT way?

Because for me, leavers are VERY emotional people who could not control their angers. But for this scenario you mention, they have to be aware that the next step would be a 2 hour penalty (or more), they have to join multiple times and don´t have to MISS that moment where the match ends (which contradicts the “So they leave again”, and this could be outplayed by the 2 DC rule I mentioned). A lot of things to consider for a ranting person who could also simply throw then.

I don´t really know, maybe you have numbers you could rely on and I am a too good-minded person who underestimates the number of these people, but I think the number of people with a random technical error which forces them to restart their PC (which almost naturally causes a break more than 2 minutes) is way higher than people who make this risky peek-a-boo game you mention of rejoining the match if the time-window would be a little more forgiving (I have to stop the time at home for a test how long it takes me to get back to a game)

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There was back in Season 1, and I have seen players today in top-tier games troll the matches by making sure they keep leaving and returning within two minutes (even knowing they will take the penalty) just to keep the other players hostage into that match (because if a leaver returns within two minutes, the remaining players are then not authorized to leave a match after two minutes).

In reality, there never is going to be a perfect solution for leavers. There can only be a level balance between how strictly we penalize players considering both serial leavers and those who have a technical malfunction. And again, the point still comes down to the fact that if you are experiencing multiple technical malfunctions, PLEASE do not queue for additional Competitive matches until the problem can be resolved. Now every single one of us is subjected to a technical malfunction (ISP outage, power outage, the graphics card blows up and lights on fire) at any moment. Blizzard knows this and keeps the penalty as reasonable as possible so that players are not discouraged from rejoining future competitive matches assuming they fix the issue. However if a player remains ignorant of a technical malfunction that is frequently reoccuring, then they are negatively impacting the game just as much as a serial leaver is.


Wow… looks like I AM undererstimating such people…

Yeah, I see that. It was only my point of view which tried to question this balance. But thanks for this vital conversation which was quite interesting :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany

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I am happy that the policy is so severe. Otherwise people would abuse it and the quality of matches would just drop

[quote=“glenmorangie-21307, post:18, topic:305956”]
There can only be
[/quote] But the thing is when i get back into the game as fast as possible I think it took me like 3 minutes bc i dont have the fastest computer I think its kinda dumb that u lose it all maybe there should be a way to report the crash/ suspension dont get banned as easy as people who throw/leave like a blizzard mod goes in and looks at the few seconds before the crash and if they come back or not Because if your mid team fight and you just stop playing that should be different then just leaving/ throwing