Crash Blizzard error

Hi, i’m having this issue at least 4 to 5 times a day during my playing sessions (4 hours at the most).

It’s quite frustrating to be honest.
I’m playing, doing nothing else, and it’s happening at random. I’ve tried to close my different RGB softs one by one to test if this was a compatibility issue (which I thought it could be) but it remains still.

Can you shed some light on what is happening ?

Oh and it sometimes makes my PC crash entirely. Happens only with Overwatch for those wondering.

The error is : F44E26A7-8FF9-418E-8AAA-20458B778395

PS : at this point the game isn’t even bothering with a crash report, the game just closes itself. Because it can.

I’m being countered, in the most efficient and badass way possible, by the computer itself.


Do you have Discord running? Try disabling their overlay?

Another common cause for this is Razer Chroma.

I am indeed using discord and it’s overlay. And my game typically went AWOL in around the time of mid November/December, you could be spot on with this one.
Or at least I really hope you are.

I’ll try this and i’ll keep you posted.
Oh and thanks for the rapid response, didn’t expect it to be honest, feels good =D.

If it’s not an interaction with those things, and you continue to have entire system shut downs, I’d recommend checking in the Windows Event Viewer under system logs to spot the cause. You might also want to check for overheating, since the Overwatch client itself can’t shut down your PC.

Keep us posted :wink:

I’m quite paranoid in regard of temps on my baby (don’t judge me) so I know it’s not it, the hotter it gets is around 60°C (or 140°F if you prefere) on GC and way under for the CPU.
I’ve found bad disk sectors when digging a little, i’ll look into this when I have a minute.
Also found one bugcheck, corresponding with the reboot :
0x0000003b (0x00000000c0000005, 0xfffff802749020f0, 0xffff9f018fedf930, 0x0000000000000000).
Not sure if it’s relevant.
Still waiting on the synapse 3 version to download (bad internet at the moment).

I can’t read beep boops, but there are third-party apps that can read the Windows memory dump files, and can sometimes help point to the issue.

Unfortunately, system shut downs aren’t supported on the forum officially, and though I’m only a volunteer, I don’t have much in the way of documentation on their site to back me up.

Yeah, I figured you couldn’t but had to try :p.

Don’t worry to much tho’, you’ve been of great support already, I absolutely didn’t think of discord nor did I know they had a new synapse version plus I really can’t complain about the speed at which you responded to my inquiry.

I needed someone to pick its brain with me, sorry it landed on you x).

Everything is set now, I’ll let you know if it’s a win.

Glad to help, keep me posted. I’m still tracking the thread and adding this reply since you can’t respond to yourself (yet).

Update : New error code this time

And then :

The sadness chronicle

I’ve repared the game afterward and checked for memory bugs, nothing so far…


I’m seeing Razer Chroma still loaded in your error modules. There have been some previous bugs with old versions which needed some very specific steps to remove it. Can you try uninstalling it completely using these instructions?

As Nicole mentioned, we at Blizzard can’t really provide much in terms of help with system shutdowns, however, if I WERE to provide some advice I’d have you follow the steps here. It takes a system-level event to cause a system-level crash, and there are a very low number of things that can cause this. In addition to those steps, I recommend disabling all overclocking, including the XMP on your RAM at the BIOS level. It’s possible the mobo, power supply, or RAM sticks themselves have some issue causing the high clock speed to become faulty.

If you find that you have trouble checking overheating properly due to system crashes you can also do a stress test. It’s very much “at your own risk” but I’ll just leave this set of trusty stress test steps I have here.

You can try checking for overheating on the CPU or GPU by running a stress test. For this, I like to run three programs - HWMonitor for hardware sensing, Heaven Benchmarking Tool to test the GPU, and Prime95 to stress test the CPU.

You’re going to need to download these three programs, and run all of them simultaneously. For Heaven, try running in windowed mode at the high graphics setting. For Prime95 you want to run the “Blend” test. All of these need to run for 2-3 hours, so I recommend doing it at a time when you can casually monitor your HWMonitor results and keep an eye out for extended periods of overheating - like during a day you’re cooking something or watching a movie or something.

If you find overheating, you can take the computer to a PC tech to have that resolved. If the computer crashes or restarts spontaneously before the overheating test is over, you will need to do the same because there’s probably a power problem or an even more dangerous overheating issue. If you can run the test for more than 2-3 hours without an overheating CPU/GPU, then get some screenshots of the test and send them in to us. To do this:

  1. Maximize the HWMonitor window and expand all the nodes on the left
  2. Scroll all the way up
  3. Take a screenshot with the Print Screen (prtscn) key
  4. Open up the program Paint and press ctrl+v to paste in the test
  5. Crop the screen if you want to only show the test, then save it as Test1.JPG
  6. Scroll all the way down, then repeat steps 3-5.
  7. Upload them somewhere like imgur and link us to the results. We’ll use those to look for more options.

Let us know how it looks!

Hi, sorry about the delay. I found the solution like 2 days after your post : it was the ram speed. I slowed it from 3200MHz to 3000MHz and everything works fine now.

Thanks for the idea, it would have taken me longer to solve it without your brainstorming.

I knew the game itself wasn’t at fault here, it had to be my pc creating instabilities within Overwatch specifically. Any idea why the ram clock speed though ?
If it’s not in your prerogative to answer that, then never mind it, I’m just curious.

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No problem, thanks for following up! Regarding why RAM - if the RAM itself isn’t stable enough to run at 3200 MHz, you can end up with coding thrown into bits of memory you’re not supposed to have it thrown into when the instability is triggered. Once that happens, windows will usually crash the game to prevent the PC from crashing. Alternately - turning down the RAM clock speed fixing problems can also indicate OTHER hardware issues, since most of the hardware in your PC is going to have some interaction with the RAM. Could also be an issue with the CPU, Motherboard, Power supply, etc.

Unfortunately all of the hardware in a PC is so interconnected that it’s difficult to figure out exactly where the problem itself is without testing each component individually. That usually requires a PC tech’s help since some of these tests are dangerous and require special equipment (especially the PSU). You can overclock the RAM back up to where it was earlier and run Memtest86+ if you want, but that’s about the best we can do to suggest tests other than what I mentioned above.

Either way, glad you found something workable!

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Hi, thanks for the response ! Its really cool to have the opportunity to learn some new things. I’m more knowledgable on hardware than coding so its always nice when I get to have some infos on the matter !

I’ve done some investigating of my own and searched for my RAM config on the box (I knew I kept it somewhere) and I think I know why it’s unstable : the CAS speed doesn’t match on two of the Ram. An overlook on my part (I’m kinda mad right now). It was doing fine when idle but I think overclocking all the RAM sticks to the maximum clock speed, 3200MHz in this case, made them unstable since the CAS speed changes again when overclocking.

Like you said, it can be tied to something else but I think I’ll just try to accept that it’s working now under these settings and count my blessing :slight_smile:.
Thanks again !

Sounds good Walter. My last bit of advice here to you would be - if you do confirm it as a RAM issue, and it’s new RAM, the RAM may be faulty. Typically new RAM should be stable up to its normal XMP limit. If it isn’t, maybe one of the chips is slightly suboptimal, or mismatched. You can always contact the hardware manufacturer to see if it’s still within warranty for an RMA.

Happy gaming! ^^