Crash at the start of a game

Ok, so the queue pops and right as I’m picking my hero the game crashes. I was able to get back in before the abort timer reached 0.

The game aborted, I lose my sr, banned for 10 minutes.

Can we fix this please?

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Same problem. Game crash at start and after rejoin i got -50 points and 10 minutes ban. It was not my false and its far far from fair.

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Hey there crashes and disconnections will result in a penalty even if it happens during the pregame. The reason why penalties still apply during the pregame is to prevent the dishonorable practice of queue dodging (something that was common in the early days of team based online games). This penalty is also intended to encourage players to stop and take time to fix their technical issues before attempting to play. The starting penalty is only 10 minutes, so as long as you take time to investigate and fix it, you should easily recover your SR (as your hidden MMR is not directly affected) and get back to playing. However if you ignore any technical issues, that makes it just as bad as deliberately leaving games.

This is not enough information for me to work with to give any specific advice. You both appear to be on the PC platform. So I will provide these starting troubleshooting guides that I strongly encourage you to work through.

If these guides do not help and you are still crashing, avoid Competitive Play and please take the time to post more details in the technical support forum where players like myself and Blizzard technical support can lend a hand with those technical issues. Blizzard cannot reverse Competitive leaver penalties however (click here for more information).

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You say “you take time to investigate and fix it” like Overwatch is perfect and issues could be only on players side. It’s not. I’m programmer and I’m sure this time it was inner Overwatch error. Its pretty rare case (actually I got 2 crashes for all time and both happened after Echo update) but still very unfair. Lets wait for crash reports from other players.

Oh Overwatch does have errors, but in most cases when Overwatch servers do malfunction they don’t penalize you. If the game client itself crashes and you are sent straight to your desktop, that is more than likely something involving your hardware, operating system, or drivers.

If you take time to look at the technical support forum, there is always reports from individual players, most of the time it is disconnections. Some are client crashes. But if you take time (to see the different cases you will see there are different problems. Besides, if there was something straight up wrong with the game client that affected everyone, there would be hundreds of reports within minutes. That does happen from time to time, but has not happened lately. So unless you are willing to provide more information and not just complain, I really can’t help you and Blizzard will not be able to either.

I believe there is actually a very short window before setup starts that you CAN rejoin. I’m pretty sure you can leave during “assemble your team” as long as you return during “assemble your team” - the time when you can change skins. I have had server errors kick me, but was able to rejoin on 2 separate occasions and have the game continue. I legitimately recognized the error (taking too long to join because of server switch from “while you wait” to the game), exited Overwatch, relaunched, and had the “rejoin match” link. From my recollection, the “game is cancelled” countdown does not start until after “assemble your heroes” for this reason.

The only other explanation is that the game glitched on these 2 occasions and did not reset, but I believe that glitch did not start until the Echo release patch. Obviously I do not wish to test it.

Correct, in the extremely rare event you rejoin before the initial hero selection screen timer expires, the match will not cancel, but since they nerfed the time for the initial hero choice down by 5 seconds in a recent patch. That is extremely difficult to do now.

Yes. I’m not sure how short it is, but I know if joining takes more than 3-4 seconds, I can alt-F4 then relaunch from the launcher and rejoin just before the game would have reset. I’ve waited 7-10 seconds and was too late the first time I tried. I’m hoping these were after the decrease, otherwise it may be impossible now.

hey wyoming can you reply to the thread i made and help please

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Why does “leaving” in the middle of a match give you like 2 minutes but “leaving” at hero selection give you <10?

Why can’t it give like 30 seconds or something?

Make sure your drivers are up to date. If you are overclocking your cpu and GPU you may have a bad overclock.

If the game still crashes I’d suggest re-installing your drivers. If that doesnt work update windows.

If all that fails you may have hardware issues.