Counter and Overwatch aimbot

All you do is hold down crouch and spam left and right i know this is simple but it works well.

Clarifying this abit better, the first clip is the aimbot dominating the game and it also displays the bots level of accuracy and end game score.

Second clip is me bugging his aimbot with my counter?.. it completely throws him way off, I’m also looking for another clip with other players doing the counter to him as well.

third clip is me doing this again with the same results, aimbot miss in the same way as above.

The counter works well with projectile heroes just give it try.

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It’s just good aim. Aimbots tend to instantly target the head, here, that is not the case.

this works is due to how this game is made, the player does not have any “weight” so you can zig zag fast and the aimbot will try and lead ( the aimbot leads because of ingame lag/ping ) its shot where it thinks your head will be at. If you notice each shot is nearly Identical.
Just try it out.

That zig-zag is actual aiming.

I’m not actually moving, you should watch the clips first.

That really applies to the cheap, poor man’s aimbot that could get detected in a few days. I hope mentioning this isn’t against forum rules, but many of the OW cheats that come up on the first page of a Google search get people banned after a few matches. I read this feedback on some of the websites that are infested with cheaters. To be clear, I have never attempted to use cheats in Overwatch and I am solely going based upon the personal testimony banned players have given.

Some of the really sneaky bots gently guide reticles to opposing players, and it can take minutes reviewing footage to find the one instance where the bot either goes haywire, or makes obvious robotic, in-humane movements with the reticle.

Always review replay footage after the game is over if you feel something was off with a player. Slow down the footage at key parts, and make a judgement call about whether the person has skill, was lucky, or if a robot did the work for them.

You MIGHT make some pixel bots miss like that, you won’t be making memory bots miss.
If somebody is doming you and/or you think they are cheating, best stay out of sightlines and pick to make them useless.

They can use their fancy aimbot to get headshots on Dva’s dm while she at the very least forces them out of position.

bro there isn’t even enough evidence to say the guy you’re playing against is actually cheating which seems to be the key assumption you’re basing your entire theory on.

the a-d crouch spam always works (and it’s such a stupid mechanic) since it doesn’t even have any form of diminishing returns.

if the guy actually is cheating that doesn’t look cheap, he’s not snapping and mr .25 shows that even when with the small flicks his cursor is doing almost if not the entire movement from a to b (there is only one shot and a half that actually look suspicious in that play, but it might be due the potg replay smoothing things out), if he is cheating he is definitely not playing the kind of cheap cheat that would be affected by that if not on purpose, because that would mean the cheat has a bad performance execution time XD

It would be great if people would try this out before commenting. As I stated above this does work due to how the game is made and how aimbots work.

If you still don’t believe me join any widow match and try it. ( play normally then try the counter )

this also works in QP and other matches the heroes that this doesn’t work well is the tanks large hit boxes.

No, it doesn’t.

The vast majority of hacks work by making a system call which allows them to intercept the information directly from the game as well as information like mouse movement.

You’re not going to trick an actual aimbot by doing this, it has nothing to do with movement being velocity-based rather than acceleration-based as you seem to be implying.

all this guy has been doing is spamming the same non-sense on any topic that is talking about cheaters. He does not read posts, just copy+pastes the same explanation over and over. His method has not worked on aimbots since at least 2007. Thats how we used to take advantage of aimbotters in Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike Source.

You couldnt be more wrong. Saying this over and over again doesnt make it true. Bots are written to do all types of things.