Couldn't alt tab back into OW

I only have one monitor and was browsing while waiting for queue, I got the notification I was in game w/ OW flashing in the taskbar but when I went to switch back nothing happened. I couldn’t alt-tab, win-tab, click on taskbar icon, or use “switch-to” from task manager. So I had to quit the OW application causing me a leaver’s penalty and a 10 minute ban. I believe I hit the minimize all feature on the right hand side of the task bar prior to this so I believe that could be the root of the bug, although I haven’t been able to repeat this. I have never had such an issue with alt-tabbing in OW.

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i had the same issue today, everyone talking about disabling teamviewer and it fixing the issue but i dont have that. So i assumed it was something to do with discord so i turned off overlay and now its working

hope that helps

Sorry to bring this post back from the dead.

I have been having this issue too occasionally on OW. I recently had this happen at the beginning of a competitive game, costing me 50 SR. Very infuriating stuff right there! I tried tabbing out and tabbing back in repeatedly and moving the game between my two displays neither of which helped the issue.

Game is running in borderless window at 4k on a 1080 Ti, latest drivers installed. If anyone is aware of any fixes or ways to make it so I can tab back in when this happens, that would be very helpful!

Was just having this issue… In the target display setting, I did not have monitor 1 selected but after selecting it appears to have fixed the issue. Hopefully this works for you.

Third time it happens to me.

Only happens when I’m am queuing for Competitive, somehow.

150 SR is a lot. And I feel like the game is eventually going to ban me because I’ve been a “bad player” by leaving during comps… this is frustrating.

Some computer systems freeze up if you are alt-tabbing while in Full Screen mode. The best way to get around this is to switch to a borderless windowed mode.

Please remember that penalties cannot be reversed and yes if you keep leaving games (even if unintended) you will be season banned from Competitive Play. Details:

I too have just lost nearly 1k SR for leaving a match early because the game kept flashing the escape menu - also running a 1080 Ti - there is clearly a bug here. Anything that alt-tabs from full screen causes the issue, generally from the last key you touch before it decides it doesn’t like you. Sometimes i’ve been stuck running sideways, forward - just whatever you’re pressing when alt-tabbed from full screen. This is sometimes in skirm before a key game in competitive… would love a fix as this has been an ongoing issue now - not just a punishment that we can’t help…


Based on the description it sounds like another application running on the computer is trying to take focus from the game. My best advice would be to identify the problematic application and disable it while gaming.

That said, since the original topic is 11 months old I’ll go ahead and close this out. Be sure to create a new thread if the problem is persistent, or contact our support team!

Thanks for taking the time to contact us! I hope the info helps!