Could We See 2-3-2 In The Future

They could maybe make it a game mode. LoL once had a game mode called Hexakill where the 5v5 play style became a 6v6 on a map that was designed for 3v3

Right now, yes. After OW2 is out? Definitely possible.

Yeah, so?

How does this argument go against Open Queue with LFG?

The sequel is going to be fundamentally similar to OW1.

The only new thing about the sequel is a fully-fleshed PvE story mode.

PvP is out of the question.

I think adding a slot will just make queue times even longer.

1-3-2 will be our best bet.

You said people do Open Q anyway. Most people don’t even talk

financial cost, OW2 gonna bring money, think jeff think