Could Sigma Have Friendly CC?

He says gravity is a “harness.” The word harness suggests that this is not a weapon to CC the enemy but rather a utility to assist his team.

Maybe he can levitate individuals to get them quick access to high ground or simply allow them to float. He could have big synergy with vertically-challenged heroes but may also effectively be a sniper counter…


Or elevate that annoying teammate off the map :wink:

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Widow’s not usually looking to shoot straight down at things, so without a lot of horizontal mobility, I wouldn’t expect Sigma to help answer her very well. She is also pretty good at killing things that float around in the air…

That’s one way to get rid of DPS Moira…


I think he’s going to be a tank that puts down gravity wells at key spots to absorb incoming fire similar to D.Va’s defense matrix, so that some zones will be mostly safe for teammates despite the presence of snipers or massive spam comps.

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The “harness” concept makes me pretty confident that he will provide the anti-CC utility that people have been asking for, at least regarding displacement. Enemy Lucio is about to boop you? He’s about to meet an immovable object.


floating your team around so they are easily headshot sounds terrible.

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:joy: I mean…I never said the hero would allow you to not use common sense. Floating around is something you could do in the moments where it’s appropriate.

Widow is dead and soldier has tac visor? Lift him up so he can shoot down over the Orisa barrier.

Or Widow is up on a third story floor that will take far too long for Tracer to reach? Lift her up through the window behind Widow.

i think his ability might be anti cc. he can stop team mates being booped and knocked with increasing the gravity.

then some kind of damage absorption blackhole ability for his tanking.

i cant image blizz would risk the reeing of the forums by adding another character that hard ccs enemies.

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I’m down with all that. Could definitely go for some more anti-CC as well as a reduction in all the enemy spam permeating the air.

I would be afraid however that by negating the enemy’s shieldbreak potential, it would only strengthen Orisa further. Hopefully this is something Blizz would’ve considered though.

its only like now if people run rein orissa. atleast 222 will help people from doing complete weird cheese comps.

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Yeah, and if Sigma can slow down or even halt the incoming damage from a bunker comp, this could actually potentially help a dive comp make an engagement. We’ll see. I’m pretty pumped either way.

Another interesting, but probably impossible to programme application of gravity wells would be lensing. Perhaps you could see and shoot people round corners. Might make a cool ultimate.