Cosmis crisis legenday

Why is legendary mode way too hard, honestly, it’s unfair. The damage we get to inflict on the bots is so low and when we get to the ship to fix it, those red things that blow up are too op (they barely lose health when everyone is aiming at it) and it makes it worse that there’s 2 of them at a time going for the ship. I’m so tired of blizzard making it way too hard to win the damn thing.

It’s called “Legendary” for a reason lol. For example on the 2 bomber NPCs you mentioned, if your just shooting at them then that’s part of the problem. You have to use abilities effectively. Hog can hook one off the edge, mei can wall one in the room so can do 1 at a time, ana has sleep, etc…


It’s far more toxic when people decide to “answer the call” in legendary mode.
If they do it’s a 100% lose and it feels like such an enormous waste of time because you can’t win after that.
Blizzard should do something against this.
Otherwise I won at my fifth attempt and won’t return anyway.