[CORRESPONDENCE] Post for Toshiro Yamagami

Same, I skimmed through it and saw the words, Shimada, Kanezaka and blades and knew it wasn’t some random article


Is this a hero teaser? Maybe. But let’s not go overboard and set ourselves up for disappointment…again.


Look how hyped everyone is from just seeing a letter. Imagine how hyped we’ll be when OW2 drops


“Dead game” Those same people who say this, will be screaming at their screens.


There is no disappointment here. We have known since Nov 2019 that they have a Female Hero with a Bladed Weapon + dog or fox looking pet follower.

There is no disappointment possible attached to the hero and this lore itself. Only to how much longer OW2 will be from now.


Imagine how hyped we’ll be on the lead up to Blizzcon. 14 months with no major announcements/teasers for the game. Blizzcon will be juicy.


Imagine how much less bad this past year (of OW being stale and awful) would ghave been if Blizzard wasn’t being stupid and moronic and not saying ANYTHING. Imagine if they showed even just ONE hero redesign per month. Woulda been plenty to keep people appeased


clearly for the new map…but reads more like a hero teaser to me…


No fox girl, its Kitsune waifu time

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Omg… it’s… lore… this truly is a new year miracle


What if the Hashimoto are some new faction we’ll fight in OW2?
“the old part of Kanezaka appears outwardly unchanged, it has suffered under the cruel hand of the Hashimoto”

that would do nothing but make people clamour for them to release them early…

new heroes dont fix issues with the game either…its just a new hero…lets not forget how well the last few hero launches have gone…last i checked they all “broke” the game…

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You called~?


Sounds cool. Whatever it is I’m sure it’s going to be insane!

Story mission with Genji Hanzo new hero girl with pet follower + zen if she isnt a support or an OW tank hero Genji brings with him if she is a support maybe

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You might want to change your name in the future.

If people hate this new hero you might get flags sent your way.

Trust Doomfish here.

(Caused a 6 month silence for me, where I created this 2nd account which saved me from a later 1000 year ban.)

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Remember… I’m a Bastion main.

If they hate this new hero, I have a new role model.

I am not a Doomfist main either…

More a flex

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I main Bastion, Widow, and Cree… let that sink in.

so expect more on this character in the spring?