Copying the install from one computer to another doesn't work anymore?


So for years I’ve always copied Overwatch from one computer to another in order to save on download time. Patch on one computer, dump the entire Overwatch folder to the new computer, and then it’d just work.

But for the first time ever, this didn’t work with today’s patch. Any ideas? I don’t know what could have gone wrong, I hope this process didn’t change…



You may try deleting the Overwatch folder and the new copy, do it over. Close the Blizzard app then clear the Blizzard app’s cache following the steps Here. Don’t launch the Blizzard app yet. Copy over the whole folder again. Start the Blizzard app and locate the game, you may need to locate any other Blizzard titles as well.

If the issue continues please provide us the exact error you are seeing? Thanks!


Thank you very much I didn’t know about the Blizzard app cache steps!

I was able to resolve it by letting it start downloading (which took quite a while since it had to get the manifest for the entire game) and then closing it and copying it over. But the app cache clearing steps sound a LOT quicker, we’ll have to give that a shot next patch.

Thanks again!