Continued Plea for 'Real' 21:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support


There will never be 21:9 because unfair, get over it and move on. If you bought a 21:9 Screen it’s your fault, because all Competitive Shooters are locked at 16:9. Just deal with borders or get another screen.


The problem is not that 21:9 gets an advantage, in overwatch it gets a real disadvantage. if cs:go, destiny2, rocket league and fortnite, which are mainly focused on competitive play… can have 21:9 without imposing disadvantages on the player base of ultrawides. perhaps its not really a problem in “unfairness”, its just the stance blizzard chose for overwatch… why they allow 4k and high mouse dpi, no ghosting keyboards and 144 hz screens are abit hyperbolic because they are game enhancing, and they give a better advantage towards everyone with less $$$$$…pc gaming is and has always been about new technology and its implementation.


could you perhaps name some of these "all competitive shooters that are locked at 16:9 " ? im quite sure not the most popular ones circulating currently have done so. but i stand to be corrected. looking forward to hearing your reply…


It creates disadvantages just give up already.


This is just a lame excuse.
The Overwatch team is already putting in effort in designing the UI for 21:9.
Everything in Overwatch is true 21:9, the menu is redesigned, the HUD in game is, everything that actually requires development resources is already there.
The only thing that is missing is the one that does not require any development resources at all because it is inherent with every 3D-Engine, the actual projection of the 3D world in the screenspace.

In fact it is already a huge disadvantage that they put all this effort in 21:9, because while it certainly looks more streamlined to have a HUD designed for 21:9 instead of just a 16:9 HUD in the center of a 21:9 screen it is a huge disadvantage, because this means all your HUD-elements are in your peripheral vision and not readable without looking away from the center of the screen, what you should do in game.

Old games that got a 21:9 patch afterwards just increasing the FOV are much better in this regard, because the HUD still stays on the same position as in 16:9.

Besides I have to say, even on 16:9 the 103° FOV is way too low, the weapons look way too big, even 16:9 should have at least 110°, probable going up to 120 or so for 21:9.

And to silence all the “unfair advantage” screemers, just make the adjustable FOV diagonal not horizontal. That way nobody would be at an advantage/disadvantage, regardless which aspect ratio the use.

Fun fact, if you wanna get an “advantage” throw away your 16:9 screen and get a 16:10 one, because with the current maximum of 103° horizontal this way you will see the most of the game.


LOL even Quake 3 probably the “mother of all competitive shooters” did allow for 120° FOV, which obviously was only useful on big and or wide screens. And when was this game released?


Won’t help. The rendering of the weapons is FOV-independent, to make it easier for the artists. You’ll always get the same sized weapons rendered on screen.


Preach on brother. PREACH!


I don’t get what the fuss is about. Couldn’t we just allow 16:9 players to activate 21:9 aspect ratio with black bars ?


This is what they already do. But apparently that equality isn’t enough for them not to crop it. Which is retarded. They need to see they offer EVERYONE to use 21:9 and should get over their cropping technique. The game engine is capable. It does it at the menu just fine. And people say it did it in the beta. Blizzard is just being stubborn.


Its not the 30% that bothers me, it’s the enlarged viewmodel that takes up more of the screen. We are already losing screen space, why can’t we just get an option to make the viewmodel the same size as the one for 16:9?


I love how LCD posted to Blizzard that they had “just lost a customer” back in February. kekek :stuck_out_tongue:


and they did, I still have not touched this game since. Doesn’t mean I still don’t want to have open discussions. Still waiting for the day 21:9 Ultrawide support comes.


Please bare in mind everyone. the 21:9 aspect ratio is not a thing that needs to be created or fixed. its no development or technical issue, it was 100% in function during the dawn of overwatch. the 21:9 aspect in its current form for Overwatch has been cropped/reduced by 30% of its vertical size comparing to a standard 16:9…this means that it is not a fair playing game, should Blizzards notion truly be to pose fairness, the aspect ratio would be “stretched” into the screen, not “cropped”.


Fortinite and CS:GO have much more competitive market today and both have 21:9 support for real (not like Overwatch).

Blizzard supports keyboards and mices with macros that adds much more advantage in game and why this is not a real problem for the others players?

Not only Overwatch, but all Blizzard’s games should have native ultrawide support.


Pretty much every shooter game has true ultrawide support right now. Except overwatch, and from my understanding PUBG

Even the new Black Ops 4 has it.


idk man, Blizzard is just a special case. The very moment I heard their initial response to Ultrawide support I knew they were full of it and there was other secret reasoning behind removing it from Overwatch.


Blizzard supports world of warcraft and diablo 3 in ultrawide. so they do some things right. but on the shooter side, they are not ahead of the game so to say. competitive shooters have long supported 21.9, to remove it from the game after its implementation could be based on their distance to what the customers wants. most blizzard employes are not to fraternise with the customers. which kind of hinders a two way communication…


It’s what the devs have envisioned their game to be like when played and enjoyed to the fullest, allowing things like unlimited fps and ultra graphic settings IF you have the hardware, but not allowing things like true 21:9 aspect ratio or mouse aim assist no matter how high-end your monitor or mouse may be, because those things exceed the limits that their game is built around. If you are playing in a LAN setting you can get nearly flawless ping, if you have a 1080TI you can play at 1440p 144Hz or better, if you have a gaming mouse you get a much smoother aiming experience than without one.

Again I stress, for one reason or another Blizzard has placed limits on their game, and I think they are rather generous and fair with them. Just because you own a VR headset or that VR is becoming more popular doesn’t mean they have to make their game VR-ready, even if it’s something that makes perfect sense from an upcoming trends point of view. And similarly, even though it makes a lot of sense from a graphical or other-games-already-support-it standpoint to be able to play Overwatch on a beautiful ultra widescreen, they have decided that for whatever reason (they’ve stated balance), that exceeds the threshold at which it’s meant to be played. Some day it may become a possibility where those upper limits support the things we want like Ultrawidescreen support, but for now we need to respect the decision they’ve been clear on in the past or move onto something else.

For those who don’t have the means to play at these upper limits that the game was designed to be played at (raises hand), we should also be thankful that it still provides a GOOD experience for all the other hardware setups out there.


The simple solution to this would be to support 21:9 and allow for increased FOV with 16:9. Then you could have the same competitive edge on either format.