Continued Plea for 'Real' 21:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support


Move to that country if you want to go in excess of the posted speed limit.

If you want to break the law, break the law and take chances of the consequences.

Or, drive like they want you to drive, and be safe and be within the law.

If he wants the support badly enough, he could hack the game and make it support it. He could “break the law” and then either get away with it, or not. He has that choice.

He’s not doing that though, he’s petitioning the government to raise the speed limit because he bought a sports car. It doesn’t matter what posted speed limits are in other states or countries, the place where he’s driving his car is the only one that matters.

Comparing one games rules against another games rules to try to prove a point doesn’t achieve anything. You’re comparing apples to oranges.


It’s arbitrary and not even worth discussing for 99% of the communities for 99% of video games in the world. The Overwatch community is the only one who has managed to actually make a big deal out of 21:9 and it makes no sense to me whatsoever.

It’s special. Mindboggling


Let me use another analogy for you: Nascar.

Notice how all of the vehicles have to have the exact same specifications, so that the better pit crew, and better driver determine the outcome of the race, not the hardware being utilized?

Think of it like that.


Can you please stop with these terrible analorgies, this isn’t Nascar, this isn’t the Government making the streets safer, Overwatch is the ballpit of video gaming and kids with silly hats shouldn’t be excluded from playing in the ballpit.

This is how arbitrary this discussion is by the way. Just. Support it.


You guys have sent my thread way off topic. Also If I’m being honest I’m not really interested in discussing this with the community anymore. I just want Blizzard to give an updated answer. If their stance has remained unchanged fine and I’ll live with it but to just ignore us for 2 years now is absurd.


Blizz plz. My new alienware 34" is on its way. Pretty please?


I have to agree here. I have build my own keyboard, because there are not many acceptable keyboards on the marked - except perhaps ergodox … they are all extremely anti-ergonomic, a relic from another era … I digress …

I clearly have an advantage using this keyboard. Just as much as using, say a Razer Orbweaver - even more so, because it is build to fit exactly my hand. Artificially limiting what a game can do given certain hardware not only does not consistently work across all peripherals, it also potentially holds back innovation and general progress of the whole human-computer-interface thing.

One could also see it this way: The more games accept 21:9, the more incentive to get such hardware is contributed, and therefore indirectly drives marked prices down.

Another thing to consider is: If it really is such an advantage, you could give 16:9 user the option to use 21:9 aspect ratio (using blank bars top, below) and deck out OWL with default 21:9 equipment. There are gigantic 16:9 monitors on the market where those bars wouldn’t really take away that much.

But … if it really was such an advantage, I would speculate the pro scene would already have adapted in other games, or such change would be underway.

BTW, I do not have a 21:9 monitor nor am I planning to get one.


Hey that’s the one I have ^.^


Counter Strike sorted this out, your turn Blizz.


We haven’t been able to get them to reply to us in the last two years, I think they could care less that’s why I gave up.


They should support 21:9 because:

  • All other games support it (even other esports titles).
  • 21:9 monitors currently max out at 100hz, while 16:9 go up to 200hz+. Right now it’s a tradeoff. You can’t have both. Each is an “advantage”.
  • FOV is a slider, and a 16:9 user can have the same FOV as a 21:9 user, just with some black bars.
  • They supported it in beta and it clearly is something that can be turned on. There are no “additional development resources” here. Just enable it.
  • Most shooters are designed around 16:9. The extra FOV end up being walls, which give you very little advantage, less than a higher refresh rate would.
  • Most of the “extra” FOV you get from a 21:9 (assuming you see anything at all) is peripheral, to the point that the 21:9 monitors have to be curved. The 21:9 FOV gives you more immersion than anything else.

I have a 21:9 ultrawide and a 16:9 high refresh rate monitor. IMO, I would rather use the 16:9 just for the extra frames. Even though I would personally not use 21:9, I would have no problem supporting it.


My Ultrawide actually goes up to 120hz.


It’s really unfortunate that Overwatch still doesn’t properly support 21:9.

It makes Blizzard seem arrogant that they won’t update their game to support todays technology and it may drive players to play competing games instead of Overwatch.


I’m a prime example of this, I use to be an avid OW player but since I got my Ultrawide I haven’t touched the game. Sometimes I log in to collect the Widowmaker skins in hopes that one day Blizzard will actually stop ignoring us and respond to the problem but that’s grasping at straws at this point.

So Blizzard lost me as a customer and I’m sure others as well. They care so little they can’t even take the time to respond to one of my many threads over the last 2 years…sad.


I don’t consider a company trying to keep the game fair for everyone over not caring about it and just care about making the money arrogant.

So no.

21:9 will give an unfair advantage in a game like this, and its not needed.

Otherwise, it would be a REQUIREMENT to get such expensive monitors to be up to par with the rest.

As it is right now, it does not crop that much at top or bottom for it t make a difference.

But here is the contradiction:

People who complain about the top and bottom being “cropped” thus giving them a disadvantage, are at the same time wanting for 21:9 support so the sides are “cropped” for everyone else being okay.



CS:GO - A highly competitive game supports 21:9 properly. The game has a FOV slider, so anyone with any monitor size can have the same FOV. The game is also designed for 16:9 FOV, so the “advantage” is looking at walls in your peripheral vision.

If CS:GO and every other game with a competitive following considers it fair, it makes no sense Overwatch is that special.


They aren’t interested dude. They don’t want to hear how easily it can be done and balanced for all…too much work for Blizzard.


The way I see it, they should just upscale the game to fit as a 16:9 region centered on the 21:9 screen. Sure, you get pillar-boxing, but at least you’re seeing just as much as everybody else, and not missing stuff because of the aspect ratio mismatch.

But that’s delving into the advanced game design tutorials, so the mileage may vary.


It’s done like that until you enable 21:9 in the options. I did initially think ultrawide looked wack on overwatch. I suppose this crop thing is why.


Lol. So instead of just doing what they’ve been doing already, they mess it up.
“So predictable” - Hanzo