Content Creators Please Listen

I play Solo Q Comp. I know exactly what I am getting into. It’s Quick play with competitive points. Playing Solo Q is no different than pulling a handle on a slot machine. I am an adult, and I understand this. I have listened to so many people yell on the mic for a person to switch, or type it in chat. They will obses, and even behave with toxic behaviour. This is all in broze btw. No one has control of random pulls of the slot machine. The reason I asked for content creators attention is to point out that culture. Also to try an inform the public that the game was never meant to be played Solo Q with the intent to climb rank. The only way to actually win the game requires 3 vital things. #1 the most important thing is Social Skills. You don’t have to be friends with people, but make connections with people who you want to play with so that you never play alone. It is those people, and those people alone that you can pressure to switch, or criticize in a non toxic way. #2 is Game sense, and #3 is game mechanics. I mention it happens in bronze because that is my personal experience. I imagine this is in solo Q at all ranks. It is not a rare occurrence, but a part of the culture. I am asking the content creators to try to creatively explain this despite it not being top content. It is a matter of community health. Thank you for anyone reading, and considering this. If they don’t like random people, then they need to make some friends period.


I wouldn’t join voice channels or activate chat at all in Bronze. It’s very unlikely that the players in these ranks have anything to say that is worth reading or listening and you’ll be better off just playing your best and focusing up. I don’t say ignore your team and 1v5, only not to listen/read anything they say.

It’s also hilarious how low ranks obsess over tier lists, meta, teamcomps because Bronze is most likely the place where this matters the least.

I reckon most of the creators I’ve watched make it clear in their tier lists and stuff that these things don’t matter or apply at the lower ranks, but I doubt that changes anything as low attention span players will just skip to the final image with the tier list and base their picks and view of the game on that.

tl;dr press ctrl+shift+c

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This. But then they remove LFG and keep the group up option on screen for like 2 seconds at the end of a match… Anyone would think they don’t want people to group up so they can more easily manipulate matches. It’s not a coincidence that after 6 wins I get a string of losses where I’m spawn camped alongside 4 level 1 endorsement potatoes…


You do have control of random pulls on the slot machine. It’s you. I’d you’re a good player the enemy team has the possibility of have 5 bad players and your team having 4 bad ones. I solo qued to GM on several accounts who cares if someone’s yelling in their mic mute them if someone is asking you to swap mute them who cares. Literally focus on yourself and your gameplay odds are you’re in the rank you are not because of a slot machine but because you aren’t the enigma you think you are and just as bad as everyone around you.

The content creators have ppl that will play with them. Most of us don’t. If we had friends would we be playing this crap game? OMEGA

Who are you trying to gaslight? Ok Zoomer…

Huh, imagine being so disillusioned to the point of thinking your being gaslight because I’m saying it’s possible to climb out of your rank solo queing my alts all climbed into GM+ with only 17 hours played. solo queing if you can’t do that then obviously it isn’t just a match maker issue. Everyone on the forums wants to blame everything but themselves. Lmao.

Turn off coms in low ranks. They dont help anyways as others have said. Youll get bad players telling you how to play badly, Telling you to swap when you’re carrying them lol. Youll get incredibly bad advice on positioning and ability use. Youll be subject to incredibly stupid garbage in your ears. Just no.

Use the ping system. You might have someone thats paying attention. Thats the absolute most you can hope for. But yeah dont bother with team chat or even worrying about what youre team is doing. Automatically assume theyre bad and just play for your own stats.

You and anyone else suggesting people turn off coms because “low elo ones aren’t helpful” are the exact reason I can’t communicate with my team in realtime. Kinda cringe honestly, not everyone at ‘low elo’ is a toxic pos, or doesn’t have something useful to say .

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It sucks I don’t disagree. But, if people want to take the game serious and try to rank up its honestly probably helpful in low ranks to not have them on. I’m not some crazy high rank player either. Hell I cant beat this dumb matchmaker myself to rank back up since OW2.

So I can state from personal experience. Low rank players throw their own games A LOT! Because they spread bad strategies and flame people that are actually doing what they should be doing. A perfect example is a tank try to give his team space being called a thrower for instance.

Well the game sees you have a much higher APM because as the tank trying to move forward and engage. You have more damage per minute more ability use per minute more blocking, and so on. If you manage to not die and even get a pick and run back though. You just boosted your MMR congrats! Just dont die lol. Honestly dying is one of the things that WILL lower your rank faster than anything else. Don’t die a lot. But also APM. Get it? low death high APM system thinks high rank player and stuff. Dont die do stuff, secret broke. But thats rank MM is a different story.

So yeah youll want to ignore chat just deal with the ping system and if youre good it wont matter.

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Even Pros die. The only way this will get better is if they bring back group finder. Period. It won’t fix it, but it goes a long way. Disabling chat, and voice is just a band aid. Anyone who says “Just don’t die.” is out of touch.