Contenders watch time rewards not fair

Not to mention they’d have to make a new one-time-use UI for the sole purpose of picking which Contenders skin you want, which is definitely more work than it’s worth to reduce an ad incentive.

If they wanted people picking rewards, they’d just give you tokens so you could go buy them in the in-game shop.


My question is: why make it a system that’s even harder to troubleshoot than the hourly OWL one? I won’t know if I’m actually making any progress towards getting a skin at all until I watch over seven hours. At that point it might be impossible for me to get a skin.


It’s not more popular?

Here’s a better question: how am I supposed to watch contenders Brazil if it’s only in Portuguese!?

i mean, you don’t actually have to watch. you can just leave it running in the background.

it’s a tiered reward.
You watch x numbers and get 1 and then y and get 2.

É muito simples. Tudo que você precisa fazer é aprender português.


The replay is in Spanish, which I can at least understand lol. But it’s not live!

Oh is this not live anymore? I was busy in game :sweat_smile:

I’m not entirely sure what you’re getting at with that reply, but if you’re trying to imply that the symmetra skin would be more popular than the mercy skin you’re definitely mistaken.


Nope they are done for the day.

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7-15 hrs in my honest opinion is very steep anyways. Most of North America have to stay up to watch Europe, Asia and Oceania to play. That’s ridiculous. They should be max 6 hrs, 3 each hero.

Actually most of the schedule this month takes place during daylight hours for North America. See full schedule here:

And why do you say that?

the mercy contenders staff looks cool yes its a recolor but i like the logo im looking forward to get it along with susu (symmetra)

Because mercy has always been one of the most popular heroes in the game, and symmetra has always been one of the least popular heroes in the game.


Havent even got my time on my account. I’ve watched the first after the announcement. Now if i’ve refreshed the page, the site logged me out. And why having 2 lives at once?

At least you don’t have to pay money like it happen with the mercy gray skin.

the skins are trash anyway

I think you’re confusing popularity with strength lol

Nope, definitely am not. I’m not even sure how you can think otherwise. It’s like… no contest. Mercy’s popularity probably outnumbers Sym by a factor of like 10 to 1.