Contenders Skins: Missing Echo but got Brigitte? Post here!

I’m 100% sure that I’ve watched more than 15 hours on contenders website and still didn’t get Brigitte skin, I’ve got Echo skin only.


i don’t have Brigitte.


Same here, I’ll keep watching the matches, but I feel a little bit scammed after watching more than 30 hours

I watched all KR Contenders (except Interleague), the Collegiate playoffs and I’ve been seeing some matches from EU and NA contenders

And I remember seeing the Brigitte skin unlocked a day after Collegiate ended or so

Still no trace of Echo’s

So tired of not even getting notified about these damn skins before its too late to get them. Where is everyone getting indications they are even being given out?

If you have Twitter, make sure you are following theses feeds:

Official feeds:

I also run an unofficial, but handy Twitter feed called @DropsWatch, which provides direct updates to when streams and in-game reward events go live.

Otherwise, I post frequent updates in my Streaming Rewards Guide thread which is always pinned on the top of the general discussion forum:


So, I only started watching the contenders streams after Easter weekend, so on the 6th of April.

I then watched the streams that followed on the 8, 10, 11 and 12 April. I think I received the Brigitte skin after the Collegiate streams, so around the 12th.

I thought that I would try watching an extra 7 hours now to see if I get Echo, which I have done and then some. I believe I have watched 30+ hours now and still no Echo skin.

My connection to OWL site seems to be working for OWL drops and it worked fine to get the Brigitte skin for Contenders, but sadly not Echo. :frowning:

I can’t remember exactly which streams I watched beyond the fact that they would have been the Australia / Korea / EU matches, and possibly a small number of the US ones. I typically have the Contenders site open in the background while working or playing Overwatch so I’m not paying especially close attention to which stream is running.

Likewise I can’t be sure when I unlocked the skins for Brigitte, but it was probably somewhere around the 12th - 13th.

what skins are coming after echo/brig?

Hi, got the brig skin missing the echo one.
streams watched: i watched nearly every stream at the beginning of the month, got the brig one around 10-12th.
then watched nearly every stream again from the 19th.
currently over 50h watchtime.

Watched streams on Contenders Page, using Microsoft Edge (account logged in, page not muted, stream not muted, no adblock, green circle showing up).

Streams I’m 100% sure to have watched:
Collegiate Varisity Wildcard Day 1
Collegiate Varisity Wildcard Day 2
Group Stage Week 3 Day 1
Group Stage Week 3 Day 2
Regular Season Week 5
Collegiate Playoffs Day 1
Collegiate Playoffs Day 2
Group Stage Week 4 Day 1
Group Stage Week 4 Day 2
Tournament 2 Day 2

Streams I’m not so sure to have watched:
Group Stage Week 5 Day 1
Group Stage Week 5 Day 2
Winners Round 1
Interleague Day 1
Interleague Day 2

I received Brig skin around April 14th.
Also followed the steps, hope it will work.

I think i have watch :
Thursday, April 1st @ 8:00 PM - - Tournament 1 Day 4
Friday, April 2nd @ 7:00 PM - - Tournament 1 Day 5
Saturday, April 3rd @ 9:00 PM - Collegiate Varisity Wildcard Day 1
Sunday, April 4th @ 9:00 PM - Collegiate Varisity Wildcard Day 2
Monday, April 5th @ 12:00 PM - - Group Stage Week 3 Day 1
Tuesday, April 6th @ 12:00 PM - - Group Stage Week 3 Day 2
Saturday, April 10th @ 9:00 PM - Collegiate Playoffs Day 1
Monday, April 19th @ 12:00 PM - - Group Stage Week 5 Day 1
Thursday, April 22nd @ 11:00 AM - - Winners Round 1
Monday, April 26th @ 7:00 PM - - Tournament 2 Day 1
Yesterday 12:00 - - Interleague Day 2
Yesterday 20:00 - - Tournament 2 Day 2

I see the Brigitte skin in my collection Monday 19 April

Just wanted to get in on this thread as I am low-key freaking out that this might be the first skin I miss. Though unfortunately I don’t have a lot of helpful input, I hope that this can get fixed for me and everyone else.

What streams in the month of April have you watched?

-Honestly, it’d be quicker to name the ones I’ve missed and I’m not sure which ones I skipped

At what time do you remember earning the Brigitte Contenders skin?

-I earned the Brigitte Contenders skin maybe about 2-3 weeks ago.

I know this probably doesn’t help much but thanks for looking into this!!

Hello WyomingMyst,

I can’t recall specifically all of the streams I’ve watched, but I believe I watched pretty much all of the streams between the 8th of April and 22nd of April. I might’ve missed some between these two dates, I can’t remember.

I might as well include all of those dates:

Regular Season Week 5
Collegiate Playoffs Day 1
Collegiate Playoffs Day 2
Group Stage Week 4 Day 1
Group Stage Week 4 Day 2
Group Stage Week 5 Day 1
Group Stage Week 5 Day 2
Knockout 1 (English VODcast)
Winners Round 1

I also believe that I received my Brig skin on the 22nd of April, but I never received the Echo skin.

I’m looking forward for your solution and I will try to follow your instructions to earn it in this short window while we can get it this month.

Thank you in advance.

I don’t remember either which stream I saw pretty much every stream except the Knockout 1 (English VODcast) and the Collegiate Varisty Wildcard Day. I watched them on chrome on the contenders website.

something to add, using the firebox browser, I’m noticing the green light indicator does go away after like 45 min or more but the “You are logged in to earn viewership rewards” still shows

Okay this is a problem. When the light goes out you are NOT earning rewards. It is very important that you work through the Overwatch Streaming Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting troubleshooting checklist to try and resolve any technical issues.

wyoming please, got both skins watching the streams since monday, but also got the rein one, how is that possible? Can I get the ones Ive missed watching more hours?

There was a second chance offer for Reinhardt from April 10th to 13th. If you watched 5 hours of Contenders or Collegiate broadcasts during that window, you earned the Reinhardt skin. There is no opportunities for other skins at this time.

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Hello, just learned that this was a problem with other people too. I know I watched:
Monday, April 26th @ 12:00 PM - :kr: - Interleague Day 1
Monday, April 26th @ 7:00 PM - :eu: - Tournament 2 Day 1
Tuesday, April 27th @ 1:00 AM - :us: - Tournament 2 Day 1
Yesterday 12:00 - :kr: - Interleague Day 2
Yesterday 20:00 - :eu: - Tournament 2 Day 2
Today 01:00 - :us: - Tournament 2 Day 2
Today 20:00 - :eu: - Tournament 2 Day 3
But probably more as well. I have received the Brig skin, but not the Echo skin.