Contenders schedule?

The site is a mess I couldn’t figure where to go

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I think the all Chinese games can’t be watched on the website. Next live event is in 8 hours if YouTube is to be believed.

+1 I am confused too

I also provide a chronological schedule here on the forums which is pinned at the top:


Try using

Where do I watch the streams?

The website srikar76’s referring to is this :point_right:t2:

I’ve been watching games on here :point_right:t2:

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Potatoad has the correct link, if you need more advice, check out the thread I linked above for a comprehensive review.

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The next stream isn’t the actual contenders matches though. It’s a different tournament.

I don’t think they’ll be enabling drops for skins during this but I guess it’s best to check still when it goes live.

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Correct that is the collegiate varsity series sponsored by Tespa. Good old College-Team Overwatch (the ult combos get pretty insane in those matches and you may get to see the rare Overwatch Esports skins in action).

Just want to share that Tespa have confirmed that the Collegiate tournament will not have the Contenders skin drops enabled for today’s stream.

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People were saying there were rebroadcasts but you wouldn’t know. The site is a mess.

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