Contenders Rewards

What platform are you on?

is there anywhere u can check how many hours logged?

I can’t even figure out when the bloody games are being played. They really need to sort out their schedule.

This website’s better than the official site. :point_right:t6:

Absolutely. I have no idea if or when I’ll get these skins. How is this good design.

Make sure your volume is on. I don’t know if that effects it or not but it was a thing for twitch when watching for Valorant drops so they might have the same concept for OW contenders too.

I have received many reports mosts players are successfully earning the Symmetra skin. I haven’t checked myself (because I am having a nightmare technology day and had to do a reset of my laptop). Its too early for Mercy because there has not been a total of 15 hours of broadcast time yet.

Please see my troubleshooting guide here for key steps to work through if you know you have watched more than 7 hours of broadcast time.

Have you checked recently, sometimes the drop is a little bit delayed.

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I have the schedule listed in chronological order here:

In addition, if you have Twitter, I welcome you to follow my new account called @dropswatch which will post to notify whenever a drops-eligible stream is about to begin (be sure to turn on mobile notifications to make the most effective of following @dropswatch)

What happens is that if you navigate away from the window and it is muted, the web browser may stop the video playback to save RAM.

Well, I got the sym skin an hour or so later than expected, really annoying that there was no way to check how much progress I had. Also guys, be aware that there is no notification in game for when you get the skin like there is for OWL tokens

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Yeah, got the skins now.
Was just the delay.

I got the genji skin without doing anything lol

The Genji skin is granted to everyone who logs onto Overwatch this week. No streaming the Contenders matches are required.

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it was 5h straight last night

how do you guys even watch these streams am i doing something wrong with the schedule

you watch it on the Overwatch Contenders Website , must be logged in , and connect your account if you are on console , the website’s schedule is pretty bad , i recommend checking out WyomingMyst thread , it has a good schedule , and full of information about the Overwatch Contenders .

yes i know i mean how do you know when there is a live stream on the website im lost do they tweet about it?

Not usually , check @dropswatch twitter account , it gives notifications whenever a broadcast starts , next broadcast is starting 22ND October 3 AM PDT .

i know about this upcoming stream thanks anyway i was confused on how people even watch streams ive searched about it and nothing came up

I haven’t watched 7 hours yet, but I’m afraid I have the same problem, because I did the troubleshooting guide for the tokens and still didn’t work. So I’ll see the 7 hours and I’ll say if I received the skin or not

What if its the Tracer problem all over again? I watched from EU.