Contenders match starts now

Wondering if anyone got the Mercy skin.

If the link and the live doesnt work, try another browser.

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Yeah I have the Mercy skins, but I’ve also watched like 80% of the contenders matches since it was announced. I might still watch more anyway since there’s no OWL to entertain me.

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Thank you! I haven’t even got the symmetra skin yet sadly, though I swear I’ve watched enough


I’ve been hearing that you can’t have the tab minimized nor muted.

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This was just posted from the Path-to-Pro team!


Just doing my part here.

check here if you have any issues:

this thread helped me get my skins.

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Thank you for pointing out. Fortunately mine is green.

Ah that’s what that is…

Good feature, will help a lot in the future.

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Update: I’ve got the Mercy skin. Thank you :smile:

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