Contenders Brig skin not being granted

I’ve seen more people with this problem, and not only Brig, also the Rein skin. I know the Collegiate tournament didn’t count for the 15 hours due to an error (that’s what an MVP of the forums said). But maybe Contenders should say if it was an error or not, if they are having problems or not… say SOMETHING to let the players know what’s happening and why they are not receiving the skin after watching 30 HOURS OF CONTENDERS (green dot, and yes, I have seen more than 30 hours and still haven’t received the skin). They definitely should be more communicative with the players. Is this problem still active? Or am I still watching Contenders matches for free?

Same as well. :frowning: I earned Echo but not for Brig.

Right now continue to watch contenders matches, I will be starting a topic collecting information from users who haven’t earned either April skin once the April skins promotion period ends after May 4th.

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I watch on both my accounts and while the other one got it almost 2 weeks ago this one still didn’t. Only got Echo here.

For me, i earn the Brig skin but not the Echo skin x)

Can you take time to report your specific issue in this topic: