Contenders 2021

When are the first matches by EST?

Bastion skin… well I know what I’ll be doing lol

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No, that was one of the first ones they did I believe.

All of the info is on

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I will be updating my streaming rewards guide which lists all matches in Chronological order ASAP. Sorry there is a lot on my plate today.


Will you upload it somewhere later?

You will find it here once I am done. (I am building the new schedule right now so its not quite live yet)

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Okay thank you very much! But is it recomended to actually follow the twitter account just in general for events or anything like this with skins and stuff??

This would be great if they gave me the skins that I have earned. I gave up after the Sym one. I watched a total of 20+ hours to get Mercy’s and never received it…

My @Dropswatch feed will post when ANY event or reward-eligible livestream (Esports or not) comes up that offers any limited-time reward! Take a look at the past posts on that feed and you will see what I mean.

There was a malfunction in the month of October that affected multiple users, so they offered them again in December. Were you aware of this?

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No, I never received any information on this! :frowning:

Sorry about that, yeah they updated on their Twitter feed at @OWPathToPro when they did. I also made sure there was a lot of information posted here on the forums about it as well.

I know I was busy with school so I didn’t check social media for a bit, or the forums. I wish they sent out e-mails or something.

I really wanted to collect them all because they’re contenders exclusives, but maybe I will try again this year. I usually leave my stream on when I am working on school work.

Good - contenders is far more fun than top tier OWL any day.

If you have Twitter, I run an unofficial feed that Tweets whenever an eligible stream goes live: @dropswatch

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I will follow that, thanks. I am looking forward to earning skins. Are OWL tokens going to be available as well this year? Or do we not know that? I’m missing 13 skins in my Titans collection.

To my knowledge yes, The Overwatch League season begins on April 16th

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Bastion looks so good with the green and black. It might even replace my Blizzcon skin for a while.

I am very excited to finally be able to get it :smiley:

Okay, i’ll make sure to follow that twitter acc then :blush:

can i get the skins by watching vods in owl website(contenders of course)