Contender Viewership Bug

Reporting a current bug and just submitting a contact order just so it’s notated on my account. Currently been watching contenders all weekend for the viewing skins. However, I have not seen any rewards on my account yet and noticed that while watching the streams, the green dot next to contender viewership reward disappears, despite being on the window and watching the content. I am fairly certain I’ve watched over 15 hours this whole weekend, yet have not even seen the 7 hour reward yet. I am certain there’s a bug with the reward program. I can’t accurately tell either because there’s no way for me to actively view “time watched” on my account.

Since posting this, I am now running into an issue where when I log in to my account on the contenders website, clicking any link automatically logs me out of my account. When in Chrome, it sends me to a 404 error when clicking Account Settings. In Edge, it sends me to my account settings, but logs me out automatically when clicking refresh.

Please try one of these troubleshooting methods ,

also sometimes the rewards take up to 48 hours to process .