Contender skins October

To unlock the contender skins do I have to watch a certain amount of streams that add up to 5 or 10 hours?

You have to spend 10 hours in total watching any live contenders stream to get both skins, it doesn’t matter what streams as long as they’re contenders ones that are live

Just note that the Mei skin won’t appear as it’s currently not in the game so it’s a bit ambiguous when trying to work out whether you’ve watched enough for the Mei skin

As a sidenote, there is currently a stream live as I write this

Watch 5 hours to unlock Mei’s skin, 10 Hours for Winston.
The tweet:

Yes I’m watching that stream right now thank you for helping me with this confusion since i just found out that you could get contender skins this way

No worries, if you need any help or information, this thread has been a godsent for me

Quite confusing that I’ve unlocked Winston’s Contenders skin but still have yet to receive Mei’s, especially considering my hours watched counter is nearing 20 hours for the month of October 2021 at this point…
Yet another Mercy Skin akin delayed receipt bug, perhaps?

rest assured if you have winston you should be ok…

im not sure what about mei’s skin makes it so that it cant be unlocked right away…like technically…why???

So is Mei’s skin just not showing up for anyone? Because i’m pretty sure i’ve watched over 5 hours so far this month and still haven’t gotten it, i should be close to winston’s skins by now…

There is a problem with the release of Mei’s skin, currently you can only get Winston’s.
Mei’s skin will be released in the next game update (maybe halloween event) to all who watched Overwatch Contenders

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Wait there’s still Contenders going!? I thought everything ended!

I’m generally curious to this also, like I’d imagine they’d have a base “OWL” skin from which they could just chuck a colour pallet, an icon and team name, maybe make some twerks to it and bam a skin, so I’d like to know how much I got wrong on my understanding :joy:

Technical difficulties, unsure what the issue is but yeah

There was like a month break where the only games were Chinese VODs but otherwise they never stopped

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Thanks this helped! I wondered why I didn’t get the Mei skin.

watch the streams for 10 hours, make sure its a little above 10 hours just incase your a little off

As I understand it you need 5 hours to get Mei and 10 hours to get Winston. If you already earned the Winston skin rest assured you’ll get the Mei skin when it’s released in-game.