Constant low frame rate

On my GTX 1060 6GB and intel I5 i can’t even get above 100 frames an all low settings at 75% resolution. What’s going on here? I make sure to keep all my drivers up to date and i make sure there’s no additional applications open whilst i play the game. I use razer’s booster software and even tried the game without it (which ended up with worse frame rates tan with it) someone please explain to me why this is happening.

When you stopped using the Razer software, did you completely uninstall it and all associated files? Some users have been reporting issues with their drivers. Please make sure your Windows is up to date. And what fps are you getting exactly?

it fixed itself somehow. it’s ok

I have the same problems! I have a GTX 1060 3GB and a Ryzen 5 1600 and my frames are dropping and can’t maintain 144 frames per second like it used to. My frames constantly drop from 144 to 16 nearly every second and makes the game hell to play.

Your issue might be related to this: