Constant frame drops (2-5 fps), game freezing and Game reloading mid match

As the title states, for over 6 months now I’ve had these issues with my overwatch. My drivers are up to date, I’ve scanned the game and done a full re-install of it and nothing seems to work. I’ve tried reducing my graphics settings, launching from the .exe as admin, all that does is reduce loading time for launching the game. This is making the game completely unplayable as the drops occur every 15-30 seconds and it will sometimes reload the match 2-3 times in every map I play.

This type of behavior generally means there is a connection issue. Are you on wireless? Are you using a USB WiFi Adapter? If so, it may have a problem. Can you use a wired connection?

Otherwise, these steps might help:

I am on wireless but I have fiber internet, test I just did showed I am pulling 63mb/s down and 62 mb/s up. This problem has also persisted over two providers and the same amount of routers.
Edit. This problem has also been consistent since around January of this year. I severely doubt that its a connection problem, I only noticed it after a patch that went live around that time.

Edit 2. Guess I should also list system specs.
Using an I5-6400
Evga 1060 6gb sc
WD Black 2 tb hdd
16gb of Avexir ddr4 2400 ram
Operating on Windows 10 64 bit.

Your internet speed has nothing to do with your internet quality. That’s why the thread I linked, written by the staff, asks you to provide a WinMTR. Also, the list of specs for your PC don’t help us get any closer to diagnosing the issue. It might be worth reading the stickies in this forum to see if your issue has already been covered. But otherwise, we need the requested data if you want to troubleshoot.