Constant fps drop

Hello, I have GTX 1650 super and I play overwatch on low graphics. At the beggining I usually get between 170-250 fps, but with each game fps drops down until like 90 where I can feel lack of fps (I use 144 hz monitor). The problem is that temperature is normal 50-55 and gpu usage doesnt change, but fps still keeps dropping. Checked rams and cpu they are okay aswell.

Which CPU are you using and what is your RAM speed?

ryzen 5 2600, ram speed 3000 mhz

Hmm, that should be fine. Until a real tech support person can reply, I would try locking the FPS to 141 and see if that helps. It would ensure that Gsync/FreeSync is always on and the drop from 141 to 90 won’t feel as severe as 170-250 down to 90.

Have you updated your graphics drivers to the very latest from the Nvidia website?

Yes and tried clean installing

Can you add a DxDiag here? We can start by looking over that, if we find nothing specific, you could run some benchmarks/tests on your hardware.

According to your report, the GPU is crashing in the background and likely recovering. I also see you used an MSI utility, which also crashed (shown above).

Because you’re using a Ryzen CPU, I recommend checking the pinned post the staff has concerning these processors:

You’ll also want to manually check for Windows updates, as you’re behind a bit.

After that, if you still have problems, please remove your GPU drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller, then reinstall. Make sure to reboot after.

Wow thats a fast response. I will check and do as you say after work and will tell if it helped. Thanks a lot.

I try :dancer:

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile: