Constant crashes, Rendering device lost

Recently, OW has been crashing on me constantly now. I went through all the steps on the forums; disabled all overlays, PC is not overheating (dosent even crack 60 on long gaming sessions), updated all drivers and OS, reset GPU to factory settings, used file checker for any corrupt or missing files, used mdsched.exe to check out the memory and came back clean (took 8hrs), and I’m just at a loss now as it didnt happen before but out of the blue it now does, kicking me out mid game and getting punished for “leaving” the match. Please lend me your wisdom.

PC specs - Ryzen 7 3700x CPU, 24gb RAM, Radeon 5700 XT Red Devil GPU.

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Have you checked the known issues thread pinned at the top?

Maybe it’s this:

There is also a known issue with Ryzen processors:

Also, small tip: Overwatch runs best on dual-channel RAM, same speed/size.

chipsets and drivers are currently up to date, I just bought a matching pair of ram with the same speed to swap out with the slower one (3000 vs 3200) so I will install that when it arrives, I went ahead and uninstalled and reinstalled the game (again), on my GPU theres a switch to turn it from OC mode and silent mode so I switched it back to silent for less power and heat, and after all that I had my first game with no crashes in two weeks yay. We’ll see if that fixes it, and if not I will wait for anything else anyone says to try and or the new ram.

edit (8/2) - Upgraded ram, both exact same in brand(corsair), capacity(8gb x 4), speed(3200), etc, and still crash from time to time now. Looking at my GPU now, and it shows the “3D” section go over %100 whenever it crashes, so I dropped the setting below ultra, and just have it on high with all other settings on low.