Console Widowmaker/Ana sniping

I dont know exactly what or how you guys did it, but Widowmaker feels much more natural and fluid. I read the sticky posted by Mr. Powers in the general forum and found about these console changes.

Anytime a new shooter title comes out, the first thing I do is find the sniper class and see what it’s like, and Widowmaker has always been different from other console shooters. The crosshair never went exactly where I wanted it to go, to where I’ve been accustomed to having it go in every other triple A shooter title. I’ve spent I don’t know how many hours in the controller options menu and in the training range trying to correct the strange aiming, and never could before today. After reading the post from Mr. Powers, the first thing I did was join a Petra free for all and set the new aim assist ease in to 100 with the new aim assist setup that came in during today’s update. Every shot went exactly where I wanted it to go, the only times I missed were where I just plain old missed. I played several free for all games and either won or came within 1 or 2 from winning. This is a significant improvement over the previous system. All I did was set the aim assist ease in slider to 100 and the difference was everything. I have to congratulate you guys at Blizzard for taking the time out to do this.

It had often rubbed me the wrong way, seeing other players getting multi kill headshots as Widowmaker and knowing I could never do that in Overwatch but I could in any other console shooter - I’m used to being the one players will send private messages to, complaining about me ruining the game for them because I could snipe. Widowmaker was always a hero i couldn’t play, so I’d finally resigned myself to avoiding Widowmaker’s line of sight or jumping on them with D.Va and Winston.

There aren’t any jerky or unintended reticule movements so far. I still haven’t yet tested the aim assist pulling the reticule in an unintended direction when in close quarters, I’ve been having too much fun playing Widowmaker with my Kerrigan and Noire skins. The game has a different meaning for me now, the sniper rifle has always been my reliable go-to weapon in any game except Overwatch, until now.

I use Legacy Sticks, and there are still issues with 2 of the 3 aim techniques, exponential ramp is still the only aim technique I can use with Legacy Sticks that feels natural. There is no unstable wobbling of the crosshair if I try to move, but the wobbling happens with 0 aim ease in and dual zone or linear ramp but not expo ramp. And there’s still people using a mouse and keyboard on console.


They improved their scope sensitivity. It was a really odd before. Compared to games like CoD and Battlefield their scopes felt totally odd.

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That’s BM.

Thank God it’s fixed.

I totally agree. I was pretty dismayed by my struggle to make the crosshair go when and where I wanted it to go, and I’ve never had that problem before Overwatch came out. I use Legacy Sticks, always have. There are still problems with Legacy Sticks+Dual Zone and Linear Ramp. Diagonal movement doesn’t work the way it should, it’s slow and sluggish. The only way it feels natural is to use Expo Ramp and 0 aim ease in and 0 aim smoothing. That’s the closest setup I could achieve to what I’ve been accustomed to over the years.

I didn’t know indenting each paragraph did that. I deleted the indentations.

I always suspected that they had messed up the aim assist while scoped. In COD it normally didn’t move the crosshair for you, and was overwritten if you were tracking targets. In Overwatch it moves your crosshair.

So if I’m aiming next to a wall that I know the enemy Widowmaker is coming out of then the crosshair will be pushed out of the way when they step into it. While in other games when an enemy steps into your crosshair nothing changes.

I’m best able to prevent that from happening by turning the aim assist window size to zero. There is still a minimum aim assist box size, it’s just smaller than the character model you’re looking at. I haven’t checked if that happens still in the new update

Aye Mac, check this out:

I’ve found it to be easier to aim with both Tracer and Widow, which makes me very happy, since those are my two mains. :slight_smile:

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Please forgive what might be a dumb question, but - what does the sticky mean when it says move it closer to 1? That’s not possible, nor does it make sense, is a single increase in number that drastic, or does the post mean to say closer to 100?

Haven’t used the new Aim Assist since I moved to PC, but I always thought no Aim Assist was better, since it was just terrible.

Haven’t tried Widow yet since the new settings went live but I need to after reading this! I’m already good so maybe these changes will make things even easier lol

I know what you’re talking about. It seems to be a communication error from Blizzard, but I think what he meant by “move it closer to 1” is move it closer to 100. The numbers on the slider go from 0 to 100, right? 1 on the slider in your options menu is .01, 50 on the slider is .50, and 100 on the slider is 1.00.


That’s what it means.


lol you’re still awake too?

Thanks! Had a feeling it meant that, but just wanted to be sure, in case something was off with my options.

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I like it on track heroes so far - Tracer/Soldier but my widow is awful with the new settings -.-.

There probably wont ever be a good settings for everyone.

Well, what is your complete setup?

I loved to play 25 aim window recently but with the new aim assist ease in its impossible to use it with track heroes so i had to increase it but that also damaged my widow because i liked very low aim assist window.

Try using 70/70 sensitivities. 100 aa and assist window, and 100 aa ease in. 0 aim smoothing 0 aim ease in

Wasnt working for me, i switched back to 25 aim assist window and added 0 aim assist ease in to it and it works great :).

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You know why sniping with widow was a lot harder on overwatch than other console shooters like cod?

Is because blizzard used the aim assist system of treyarch. And if you play bo3, you will see that is really hard to kill one enemy when other enemy is near you target. The aim assist start move you crosshair to the other enemy. Anyways this thing is not a big problem on cod, because it is not normal to see many enemies together on the screen.

But on overwatch the players play really near to the allieds… then the old aim asssit system start to move you crosshair like crazy and the only way to fix this problem was on reduce the aim assist windows size.

Also the old aiming system was really bad on proyectile heros.

Sorry for my english.

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