Console players: have you received Watchpoint Pack items?

Having finally gotten my account merge sorted, I’ve found that my cosmetics from PS4 have populated, but I still don’t have any of the stuff from the Watchpoint Pack, which I purchased through the PSN store. I saw that there were a number of reports in the bug forums from other console players who haven’t received their Watchpoint Pack stuff, so now I’m wondering if there is anyone who did get them?

If you have, could you share which platform you purchased the Watchpoint Pack on and which other platforms, if any, that you had an OW1 license for?

During beta 2, I wasn’t able to access the beta forums, which seemed to be due to having a PC account without beta access linked to the same bnet as the PS4 account that did have beta access. I’m wondering if the Watchpoint Pack is not registering for the same reason.

Edit: I finally got logged back in on PS4, and the Watchpoint Pack is showing as “unavailable” but not “owned”. I dunno if they turned off new purchases of it generally while they sort things out, or if they’ve managed a partial fix that prevents Watchpoint Pack owners from re-purchasing it while they work out getting the rewards distributed, but it seems like a hopeful sign? It still gives me the option to buy the premium battlepass though.

Edit 2: Per the October 7 update, the Watchpoint Pack console issues should be fixed in about 3 hours!

Edit 3: Logged in this morning after the maintenance, and I have the Watchpoint Pack! It looks like I may have received the 20% XP Boost retroactively too? I feel like I’ve have more BP levels than I did yesterday.


Nope i have not and i lost everything at the same time lol


Did you confirm your account merge before or after OW1 went down? There have been some issues with the account merge confirmations since the OW2 launch, but it looks like people are getting through now.

I absolutely did confirm it 1000%


I bought the Watchpoint pack on PS Store for my PS4 the day it was announced … June 16th I think? I merged my account a few weeks ago, I got all my skins, unlocks, ect … but I have not received any of the Watchpoint Pack items.

I understand they are putting fires out at Blizz right now, but any information at this point would be greatly appreciated.


I haven’t received my 2000 coins but I did get the premium battle pass automatically unlocked (so I think 1000 was automatically spent on that). I did get my items as well.

I originally bought on ps5 multiple times by mistake and got a refund from PlayStation for the additional purchase.

I couldn’t get into the beta as I was locked out (there was a missing tracker issue a few folks had).

Finally Sony ended up refunding me after a few weeks.

I bought on PC and did the account merge and SMS verification before launch.

Not sure if the remaining 1000 coins will be deposited soon or if it will automatically be applied to season 2.

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Yep I got both yesterday evening

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So, did you originally not have your Watchpoint Pack on launch and then the items showed up later?

I merged like a good boy and have not received watchpoint yet.


Correct, it just sorta showed up after a match I finished


Okay, cool. Well, that gives me hope that mine will just turn up at some point too. Maybe it’s related to the database load issues thay Jodie mentioned in her latest update.

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i did as far as i can tell

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I’m on Xbox and mine showed up after I clicked to buy it and then backed out

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I haven’t even been able to get into the game lol

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Yeah, I am having the same problem. I submitted a ticket about it. Although, there’s bigger problems at the moment. I’ll be patient :sweat:


im que playng teenage mutant ninja turtles, who knows if ill care about overwatch tomorrow, im waiting for golden eye to release also , so blizzard is playing a dangerous game of keep our attention.

I’ve tried “Restoring Licenses” on my PS4, restarting my console, I played several games and got to level 4 of the Battle Pass, I’ve tried buying the Battle Pass and then backing out, I’ve tried buying the Watchpoint Pack from the OW2 Store (which is no longer available because I already own it) … At this point, I have to wait for Blizzard to say or do something.


I am on xbox. Everything is fine, even during the first few hours it all loaded in. It’s an issue that they’re trying to fix.

Interesting. The store doesn’t recognize that I own the Watchpoint Pack, at least when I log in on PC. I haven’t gotten in on console since early afternoon yesterday, so I dunno what it says there.


Been having everything since Tuesday