Console play feels like its being abandoned

Console players: the smurf/alt account problem is so out of control its breaking the MM

Blizz devs: sucks to be you

Honestly us console players are having less and less reason to give this game continued investment.


It was always a second class citizen to PC.

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Experimental cards were basically just for us. Stop whining, fam. It makes us look super entitled for no apparent reason, they said they are working on it long term which is more anyone can ask because that problem is HEAVILY overstated.


I’d like to be able to play the game without feeling like 1 in every 10 matches isn’t a broken MM mess, yea I’m SUPER entitled.

Also the experimental cards is them fixing something not many people had an issue with.

1 in 10 is pretty good. Most of my RQQP matches are terrible, and I’m on PC playing with lobbies that are entirely > lv100. Since 2/2/2 I’ve seen massive SR variance within the team on both sides.

You didn’t get level progress or boxes on your main account if you played on the PTR. Finding games on the PTR was nigh impossible beyond the first few days, and there were already far fewer servers. This was such a big problem that getting good data was nigh impossible.

Actually what they said about the issue

As long as players aren’t throwing matches to get into lower brackets, there’s nothing wrong with Alt accounts. They will place and get to the right SR with enough wins. “SmUrF/aLtS” is just another excuse & scapegoat for losing games… which you’re more than capable of doing all on your own :clap:t4::wink:

They weren’t getting good data because they kept letting the PTR drag out for far too long.

Smurfs/Alts are in every console game. I play on both PC and console and my god. Xbox one is a toxic mess of alt/smurfs

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When we have been waiting YEARS for anything, this answer might as well be the one I initially said. I read it and that’s what it essentially is for me as a console player.

Nah, even on the first day the data was terrible. Player counts are never great so MM had to be loose and leavers are high because people only really cared about screwing around on the latest feature. People also tended to return to the live build right after they played a match or two.

HA - that ship sailed a long time ago.

This isn’t something that is easy to solve, because of the way Xbox/PS treat new profiles and ownership of games.

[edit] this topic just seems odd timing. This patch with the experiment card was one of the few console specific(well mostly) additions that I can remember.

That wasn’t the issue concerning most console players, far from it.

Honestly it sucks but it’s really out of blizzard’s control. I do think they could somehow make it so that your account is linked to your specific console and if you try to log in on another account it could prevent you, but that would cause a lot of issues of its own like if people have a family console and play on multiple accounts that would totally screw them over. It’s definitely a hard problem to solve. At least we’re getting the experimental card.

It’s difficult to track Smurf accounts without getting into the DEEP technicals of online play. At this moment, it might be too expensive to track smurf accounts.

But we are getting the Experimental card system which in essence, is a universal PTR available to all platforms.

I gave my blue ray away 4 months ago, why do you still care? So many good games out there…