[CONSOLE] is anyone getting in?

PlayStation 4

US central

Haven’t been able to get on for an hour. Stuck in the 2,000s this whole time

Since this relates closely to this topic, I am posting a link here in case anyone missed it.

its an update on many of the problems we are seeing, and was just posted about an hour ago as I type this

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Hi there!
No ive tried for the past 2 days to get in I’m in AUS on PS5, I’ve managed to get past the queue multiple times but keep getting login errors. I know blizzard is working to fix the issues but it is very frustrating.

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ps4 NA west coast - Have not been able to login at all since launch. Just sits in queue for eternity and gives me an error.

I’ve been trying to log since yesterday. At first it wouldn’t even let me get to queue and just gave a server error. I also tried thru the night and early this morning. There was no queue last night but it kept giving the LC 208 error code.

As of today I’m still trying and still the LC 208 error code. It has me wait in a long queue at 1,999 players ahead of me- slowly drops and when I can get in gives the error code.

Nothing. Haven’t even seen the title screen. I’m ps4 merged account with pc and I’m in the NA region.

I’ve also tried on pc with no success even with changing regions.

My friend in the newest Xbox can though- he is NA too with a merged account. Another one of my friends on PS4 no merged account can play too (NA).

There’s no logic to this madness. They say they “fixed it”. Yeah right Blizzard… Overwatch 2 Launch Status Update

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Not to defend Blizzard right now, but - I didnt read the Update as saying they fixed it - it was just saying progress is ongoing, more or less. The main thing I found interesting is that they’re saying the DDoS attacks have ended, but if thats the case I would have expected things to change a bit, and I am not seeing it in the reports in this thread, so thats…weird

First got to play around 3 am est since I figured that’s when people would be sleeping. I played from then to around 11 am. But when I went to sleep and woke up BOOM. In Queue 1999 players ahead of you and it never went down lol.

region and console?

US Central on PS5

Was actually able to get on at 6:30 this morning for about 10 minutes. I was gleefully shooting bots in the practice range with each character to see changes and got kicked out. Haven’t been back in since then.

My que was at 1999 for a bit. Then at 999. Now at 899 as of right now.

Na east

Got in finally. For 10 minutes, then kicked. Back in queue, again. It starting at 999 now.

Breaking news has changed:

Players may still experience unexpected errors, but srrvers are beginning to stabilize. Thank you for your patience.

Read under problems with account merge

“ There was a separate issue with account merge where players who had merged their console and PC accounts were experiencing problems logging in. This bug is now resolved.”

No this not resolved. Still can’t even freakin log in.

Still wait forever in a slowly dropping queue and get


Disconnected from game server (LC- 208)

I don’t even get to see the menu screen. This is with hours and hours and hours of trying since yesterday.

It’s possible it’s one issue that was taken care of and there’s more than just that one- but seeing them say “resolved” is grinding my gears.


Yeah, I see that, and you’re right

I was speaking more in general about the whole set of issues - I didnt see them as saying “all is well” (insert clip of Kevin Bacon shouting this repeatedly amidst a frenzied/panicked crowd in Animal House) but rather they’re still working on stuff. again, in general

Mind you, I am not and was not ever a fan of the game being called OW2 - not acting as an apologist for Blizzard here. This thread was/is an attempt to see if we could see a pattern when it came to console issues. Tried, but failed, at least so far

On a side note this is where now I’m really really really upset.

I’ve played with my bf for years on Overwatch1. We both played on PS4.
We both created pc accounts and played on those. We both had our phone numbers linked and accounts merged.

He can play and log into his pc or PS4 no issues (He just came into the room and told me he could get on PS4.)

I’ve been trying since yesterday and can’t get on PS4 or pc.

What the hell gives Blizzard!? Did you just screw up some people’s accounts?!

There zero logic or consistency that can be found.

there have been several reports like this on this thread so far - dad can get in, kid cant. Wife can get in, but husband cant. Brother 2 gets in, Brother 1 cant. etc etc.

it is weird and frustrating to even think about the symptoms we are seeing from a troubleshooting point of view, much less have to be on the receiving end of them through no apparent fault of our own

so I getcha. I do.

Was able to get in today after waiting in queue for about 30 mins to an hour and after playing three games got kicked out and haven’t been able to get back in since. I’m playing on Xbox series s and in na i haven’t been able to find any updates for console and not just pc

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NA on PlayStation 5.

Have been trying to log in since launch. I get stuck with error codes LC208 and D153 (something like that)
I end up in the main screen with on a number ending in “9” on the queue (ex. 49,99,1999, etc), it drops by ten every few minutes once I reach the end of it, it throws up the error code as soon as it starts saying “entering game”. Then repeats the whole process.

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Yeah it’s been a couple days for me and still no access at all. :person_shrugging:t4: