Console glitch or server crash?

Hey BC101 code on Console.

I was on the middle of a Comp match which we were winning and right before making it to the 2nd checkpoint in Numbani, I notice one teammate disconnects. There goes the match I say and all of a sudden Im booted out to the Tittle Screen. My connection is fine. I checked by connection by login onto Netflix flawlessly right after.

Now the funny part. It allowed me to reconnect again and it went directly to the END of the match. As in… I didnt even pick a hero when the match ended in defeat.

I thought after one minute and a half of disconection or so (excuse my vague accuracy of details) the system already removed you from returning to the match plus you get penalized. By the time I made it back the match was over and we were atracking when the disconnection happened. Im assuming around 4 minutes had to transpire. Im beguinning to think “Sombra” (referring to a random joe that I dont know who he is) had something to do with it, cause under technical reasoning… it doesnt make sense.
Did someone purposedly hacked me through Xbox? Or was that just a crash?

Im dumbfounded right now.

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The servers are down for both pc and console

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all servers crashed! Some people got booted and others didnt some can log in (like me!) others are stuck ad cant get in at all

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Salutations , WyomingMyst forum MVP here. Blizzard is aware of the problem and is working to troubleshoot the issue.

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I did ended up loosing SR and my endorsement level went down from 3 to 2.

Unfortunately that happens even in massive issues like this. Unfortunately they can’t reverse the losses.