(Console) Ban Widow from Comp until something is done about XIM users


Currently more than half the Widows I play against are obvious XIM users. Clicking on heads instead of moving thumbsticks. This gives a clear advantage with the character over people who are not using special gadgets to gain an advantage over players. While this is an issue with all precision aim heroes, it is by far the most prevalent and advantageous to Widows.

Thing is things have gotten so bad that players often assume that if a Widow player is performing above a certain level they must be using a XIM. Good players should not have to live under a cloud of suspicion. However it will be unavoidable until something is done about it.


That’s never going to happen, and Blizzard is never going to do anything about it.

Especially with the release if M&KB being officially released as stuff you can buy. It will be seen as “well they paid for it, why cant they use it?”

Not saying its right, but you cant expect them to actually do anything about the problem

EDIT: Wow. Didnt think Bliz actually made a statement about this problem yet.


As a reminder here is the current stance on the use of Keyboard and Mouse on console by the development team:

Source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20753235853?page=3#post-58

Source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20760956903?page=2#post-25

Sadly both of these responses are aged and there have been no changes or updates since.


I document all developer responses and provide them for subject matter for these discussions. You can find my entire archive here:


People only do it because they can’t afford to get a good enough PC to play against others, plus they do techincally use the console hitboxes to their advantage, which by the way, is cheating lol


That’s actually extremely convenient. I’ll check it out


Or, just allow all players to use KB+M, would shut up the PC elitists, Open the gates for cross platform and make all the adapter users feel stupid for spending hundreds of $$$ just to have it opened for all players.


Um no I do console so my family doesn’t stare at my back while I play.


At what ranks are you playing at? Because I’m also a console player, and where I’m at which is High Silver/Low Gold and I don’t see Widow that often, and when I do have a Widow in my game, they’re either on my team and they suck, or if they’re on the enemy team they just get lucky shots, but I don’t really notice any of them using XIM(then again I don’t know how to tell if they are using it or not).

But I do think they really need to slow down how fast Hanzo shoots his Storm Arrows(maybe this is just because I’m a D. Va main)… I’d honestly PREFER Scatter Arrows over the current Storm Arrows


I play in High Gold/ Low Plat. lots of XIM users there.


Hmmm, I have a Support alt(mainly the Frog Boi) that’s about Mid Plat and even on that I don’t see Widow very much, then again I pretty much just do my placements on it because I’m too busy trying to get my main into plat, but Blizzard seriously needs to do an MMR reset, I had a win rate of 26% my first comp season.

But this could all be console based because I know XBox is a bit more “open” as to what they support, I think there’s even M+KB attachment for XBox, and PS4(which is what I’m on) is a bit more limited, we just got full cross-platform late last year and it’s only in Fortnite at the moment for hecks sake…


Sorry to break it to you but the xim problem is overblown. And it is definitely not that big an issue at your rank.


Basically you in a nutshell amirite?


The problem is both Xbone and PS4 support MKB natively with no problems. You can plug any USB whatever in and play any game that hasn’t specifically locked their use out. I use a $20 wireless MKB combo to play FFXIV.

It has, at this point, shifted from a console problem to a OW team problem that I don’t think they really care about addressing.


They’d just play Ashe and boost Mercy mains with them so it’d be even worst


I’m talking about using the xim input device, not just playing on consoles. I’m not knocking console players, that’s where I started lol.


Sall good good was working a 13 hour shift last night. Even an eyebrow raise could have tilted me lol