Connection lost to server constantly with perfect connectivity. Part two

Continuation of "Connection lost to server" constantly, with perfect connectivity.

Three random DC’s today with no major internet issues.

My last game had over four different players DC (on both teams) in competitive, all players returned to the match within a minute or so.

Maybe look at the last match, since I am now on suspension from competitive play, you know, because its my fault that Blizzards servers are randomly kicking me.


I’m having the same issue. Losing my connection about every 10 mins. I’m streaming the NFL playoffs and not losing it so I’m assuming it’s something with Blizzard.

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Not sure if it’s related, but I just randomly got sent back to the “play” tab while I was in a competitive queue. The only reason given was “failed to connect to server”. Goodbye to the 50 SR gained through my wins and hours worth of my time. No internet issues. Just a waste of time grinding for wins.

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Remember if you see the message, “Lost Connection to the Server” in the title screen or the message “Failed to Connect to Server” in yellow text in the text chat box, this means there is something that disrupted your connection to the game server and not a problem with the game server itself. There can be a variety of reasons this happens including those that don’t disconnect your computer from the Internet. There is great troubleshooting to start with that can most likely resolve most issues and I encourage you to check them out here:

Stop streaming and see if that improves the connection, video streams can take a large amount of bandwidth and can hinder your ability to play online video games.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

Wyoming, are you trying to get hired on at Blizzard?

If you read the other thread at all you would know that I have a large number of network monitors up. This issue is very, very, very common on Overwatch only, no other Blizzard game does it.


No I am not trying to get hired at Blizzard. And yes I do read all the other threads here on the forums. However, I look for very specific patterns, such as how frequent started threads appear next to each other, to determine if there is actually a problem on Blizzard’s end of the connection. Today it has been a relatively quiet day for disconnections. which means most problems that players are having at this time is it going to be related to their own equipment or somewhere in between them and Blizzard.

By following the steps that I recommend, you’ll be able to find out what your disconnection problems are quicker and faster and be able to get back to playing the game.

No stream going, just overwatch and literally every 10 mins I get some rubberbanding followed by a disconnect.

Ok man, well Blizzards trouble shooting tips that you linked are not effective and are incredibly generic, and this specific issue has been plaguing people for a long, long time.

So I will restate what I said in the other thread, no network events, literally the only piece of software doing it including other Blizzard games. It’s a problem with Overwatch in specific.

They refuse to allow people to troubleshoot properly by giving them the ability to monitor specific game servers though.

My issue IS NOT LAG or anything network related, the game literally kicks me with a “Connection lost to server.”, I can immediately rejoin that game (within seconds, however fast I can load the menu screens). The game itself is deciding to disconnect me for some reason, this is a triggered event. Network events don’t just instantly happen, and then instantly resolve themselves on ONE piece of software and nothing else.


If you have done those steps then the next step is to complete a WinMTR test, this will prove where the disconnection is occurring:

WinMTR instructions:

  1. Download WinMTR from (Console players need a Windows Desktop Computer connected to the same network as their console to do this.)
  2. Unzip the file to the Desktop.
  3. Open the WinMTR folder and select the 32 or 64 bit version. Choose whichever one corresponds to your version of Windows.
  4. Run the WinMTR.exe
  5. Type the IP address you want to trace in the “Host” field. To get the correct IP you will actually need to open up the game and go Practice Vs AI or Quick Play and if you are on PC hit Ctrl+Shift+N and it will bring up the ingame network diagnostic graph, or go to Video > Options > Display Network Performance Graph if you are on any platform including Console. In the top left corner is the IP address you want to run WinMTR to.
    Network Graph
    note When looking at the IP it will show up ingame as something like You will want to leave the last 5 digits and the colon at the end off and the IP you want to use is just the
  6. Once you notice the connection issue while playing, play for about 6 more minutes, minimize the game and click on “Stop”.
  7. Click on “Copy text to clipboard”, then return to this forum thread.
  8. Type two sets of four squiggly lines and then paste the contents of the WinMTR test between: ~~~~ Paste WinMTR Test Results Here ~~~~

If in the event you can’t even connect to Overwatch and get into any game mode at all, please use one of the following IP addresses based on your geographical region:

  • US West -
  • US Central -
  • Brazil -
  • Europe -
  • Europe -
  • Korea -
  • Taiwan -

…I have already done that testing in other threads, with much, much more expensive and elaborate software. There is no issue.

Please stop regurgitating Blizzards playbook, which I have heard before.

This is not a network issue, it’s an Overwatch issue.

Fun fact, as soon as you provide a clear WinMTR, or in my case a literal graph of near perfect connectivity. Blizzard stops responding all together, so far their MO has been to make people bend over backwards to prove theres nothing wrong on their end, only to be ignored when it comes to doing anything of substance.


Then if that is truly the case, the purpose of this very thread has ended. I am willing to help you, but I need to see data at this point in order to say yes I agree with you, or say no here is the problem. I am sorry that you are having disconnection problems, but I do know that only very few players have persistant issues. For example, there is a problem with California customers who uses WAVE broadband ISP that is having connection problems to Overwatch. There are common trending issues that I look for such as certain ISPs, known cable cuts, malfunctioning hubs, and so much more. But again, for your specific issue, I at least need to see a WinMTR but it is up to you. In any case, from what I can see at this given moment, most of us, like 99% of us are connecting fine. So there are no trending issues to speak of at this moment.

This shall be my last reply unless I there is substantial information for me to work with. I wish you better fortune in hopes that your specific issue resolves over time.

Having the same problems. And higher latency in OW than any speed test I have run.

FWIW, wired connection, 250Mbps/down, 9Mbps /up.

Nothing streaming, nothing running in the background.

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I am sorry Wyoming, but I didnt make this thread for your approval or agreement. I made it so that I could possibly get a Blizzard technician to help me figure out the problem.

So no the purpose of the thread has in no way changed, your simply not in a position to help me.

I refuse to continually do the basest troubleshooting every single time a new random person comes along.

The only thing that hasnt been tested already is connectivity through to the game server itself (because Blizzard blocks this) or some software/hardware conflict that only effects Overwatch intermittently.


Me everytime. I got kicked out 3 days in a row feels good amirite


Been disconnected from servers at least 7 times since this season started is 1 hour not enough for the fixes or sth cuz i didnt mind the previous 2 day off season since it never kicked me off the servers now its just kicking me over and over again i hope it will be fixed.

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lol 99% just like global warming right?

This happens to me as well, every hour of play or so I just get kicked from overwatch, I don’t get disconnected from discord voice chat or from bnet, just overwatch, went through all the troubleshooting steps on here, still happens. My friends and I basically just gave up and started playing other games instead since it doesn’t happen with any other game

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Same guys here. Everything started for me around 5 days ago. My latency jumps from 50 to 200ms or even to 400ms. I get disconnected in comp. Sometimes my screen freezes for like 2 or 3 seconds in comp. I don’t have problems with other games just overwatch.

now its very few well in 10 games ive played today it has happened to 3 different people I have had in my group not counting the opposition players. more than a few
. more then 1 %. not trying to be salty just pointing out facts. but on the sunny side I have not had the issue since yesterday personally.

Same here, game keeps on getting me disconnected, lost the connection to the server, 20 seconds after i got back in without even log in back in , kicks me again, this patch we had last night its completelly messed up